Munnabhai Nakubhai Bavaliya Honored By Mr. Arjun Gupta (Founder and MD) AURETICS LIMITED



On Monday, AURETICS LIMITED announced that one of their advisor Mr Munnabhai Nakubhai Bavaliya, has achieved the Black Diamond Director Level. Munnabhai joined Auretics in December and through his hard work and dedication, became the first Black Diamond Director in a record time of 2 months. He achieved this title by nurturing eleven director legs under him. Auretics Limited got launched and recognised on the 25th of December 2021, and Munnabhai became their first Black Diamond Director. This has been the first time in the history of direct selling that someone has reached an elite status within a newly launched company.

Munnabhai shared a very important piece of advice for other direct sellers; ‘’If you want to start, start now! Don’t listen to your fears or people. Just trust the process and company, and with discipline and great ambition, you will succeed.”

The vision of Auretics is to create economic excellence by providing self-enhancement opportunities. Mr Arjun Gupta, Founder and Managing Director, Auretics Limited commented, “This is a moment of pride for me, and everyone who is a part of the AURETICS family is to be congratulated for this recognition. This shows that if we all will work collectively for the goal of elevating the lifestyle of every Indian, the sky is the limit.”

During our launching ceremony, Munnabhai, along with his team, committed to himself on the stage that he will achieve the Black Diamond level in January. His target made everyone proud and has set an example for everyone and motivated them to attain the pillars of success. 

Commenting on this recognition, Mrs Karishma Gupta, CTO at Auretics, said, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. Munnabhai showed his uniqueness and hard work. If a person puts his heart, mind and soul into smaller acts, he will surely succeed, and Munnabhai is the proud example for this. Network marketing is a great opportunity. Together we can transform the lives of millions of families by educating and inspiring them.”

On this occasion, Munnabhai said, “Auretics has helped me to grow my team earnings, and I got blessed with this opportunity to complete my dream.” He thanked his upline Mrs Mridula Makwana, his super upline Mr Shiraj Menon, the Ambassador of the Company, Mr Pawan Prakash Singh and CEO of the company Mr Arjun Gupta, for their guidance and support.

Pawan Prakash Singh, the Ambassador on behalf of the complete sales team commented, “This is a beginning of a new era. We will motivate and nurture more advisors to become Black Diamond Director”.

Their unfaltering perseverance and compassionate leadership have forged a visionary path for the success of every team member. Their commitment and passion for new and emerging leaders have strengthened the foundation for greater heights. They have not ‘shown’ but ‘shone’ the way to SUCCESS.

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