A G Anil Kumar: The man performing Pooja to trees to safeguard them from axing under project Green Ananthapuram a unique thought that makes a difference.  

Leading the way with his immense love for nature and a humanitarian mind-set, A G Anil Kumar has always put his best foot forward to make Ananthapuram greener and help the ailing humanity.

Having helped the falling humanity in the district of Ananthapuram, A G Anil Kumar has already lit the torch that speaks volumes about his humanitarian approach towards living during covid times.

‘Green Ananthapuram’: Making it possible to breathe!

He started a program called green Ananthapuramu a couple of months back to plant saplings and protect trees. He has successfully planted close to 3000 saplings, saved around 160 trees and arresting 14 people, and confiscating equipment, and penalized closed to 180000 to date in coordination with the forest department and a dedicated helpline to save trees of Ananthapuramu.

He realized that fear works to a certain extent. Maybe the sentiment and emotion may work better, which gave birth to an idea of doing Pooja to trees that came under our radar of suspicion of being cut.

We have started doing Pooja to such trees to save trees, and it’s doing wonders in Ananthapuram town.

The world right now needs as many trees as possible. People think that just one individual doing it all won’t make a difference, but as we know, every drop makes the ocean. Contributing to this ocean and making the environment a more breathable and pleasing-looking place

Anil Kumar has made it a point to ensure that people do not just plant the sapling and leave it unattended but devote their time and energy to making it turn into a tree. He encourages the concept of adopting a tree where every street will be responsible for the plants in their area, taking the ownership of raising them. To motivate people initially, they are giving out INR 10000 as a token of appreciation for every two plants grown.

Through the medium of Green Ananthapuram, Anil Kumar plans to mandate the cutting down of trees by both the Government and Private Sector for their reasons. They have formed a team that keeps a check on all such illegal activities that cause harm to nature and make sure that they are all reported to the forest department. It further demands penalization for the defaulters so that they never repeat the same mistake. Ever since the project was put into action, a minimum of twelve defaulters has been corrected. Hundreds of volunteers have enrolled themselves with the plan who have an hour set to check that every tree in Ananthapuram does not have a nail embedded in it, damaging its tissues and killing it eventually.

Under the green village project, A G Anil Kumar and his effective team have rolled out India’s first green village headed by a woman engineer Sarpanch where every home in the town will have at least three trees. Implementing this plan in an area that is renowned for its droughts is an achievement in itself. Apart from it, many South and North Indian actors have come forward to support the project through their video shout-outs, encouraging a broader audience to adopt the policies.

‘Green Ananthapuram’ has become an essential step in conserving the environment in these trying and testing times of increasing global warming.

If the fear of God and religion can save a tree, Anil Kumar says he does not mind taking that route to protect the hundreds of trees being axed.

This is a classic example on how social media can be used effectively to bring in change the way Anil does it with his page Discover Ananthapuram. 

For more info on green Ananthapuram and discover Ananthapuram follow the link www.fb.com/Discoveratp 

Here is Anil Kumar’s Instagram handle: www.Instagram.com/anilkreddi 

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