A native of Hoshiarpur, Vish Kumar VK is famous for his viral Punjabi song, “Crazy For Her.”

Crazy For Her | Vish Kumar VK | Advit Kumar | Latest Punjabi Song 2022

Check out Vish Kumar VK’s new Punjabi song, “Crazy For Her,” which is sure to please all fans of Punjabi music. The words to the song “Crazy For Her” were written by Vishal Kumar, while the music was created by Advit Kumar. Watch the video to discover more about Vish Kumar VK’s Punjabi song “Crazy For Her” and how it came to be.

This popular Punjabi song, as well as other Vish Kumar VK tracks and Advit Kumar songs, can be accessed on YouTube and other music streaming services like Spotify.

Vishal Kumar (Vish Kumar VK) is a native of Hoshiarpur and is considered to be one of the district’s rising talents. He is a self-employed musician with a wide variety of creative endeavors to offer music enthusiasts. He is also a self-taught musician.

‘I am positive that I will release more wonderful and important songs in the future to demonstrate my ability and give a message to my fans and loved ones,’ Vish Kumar VK says.

You may follow him on Instagram under the handle @iamVishKumarVK. He is quite active on social media and maintains a positive and upbeat connection with his fans and followers, which they appreciate.

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