From The Desk Of Dharmil Parekh, 

Mumbai – 400077. 

September 7.

Dear Fitness Coach, Yoga Instructor, Dietitian…

Who Else Wants To Build A Hyper-Profitable. Online Health & Fitness Center Under 90 Days? 

Hello, I’m Dharmil Parekh, and I’m known as a Sales Copy Specialist. 

From my experience of helping multiple startups & small businesses to get more customers online…

Today, I’m going to reveal the most important “:one thing” of building your own 1L/Mo. Health & fitness centre! 

But before I reveal it, let me know if you can resonate with any one of these things – 

You always dreamt of having your health & fitness centre but couldn’t make it due to lack of capital. 

You are tired of working at a soul-sucking job with hardly any pay or freedom. 

You are not getting a consistent flow of new customers to grow your business. 

You have also tried posting 1000s of selfies & videos on IG, FB, & YT but didn’t get enough clients. 

You might have also tested running some paid ads to your offers, but even that didn’t convert well. 

My friend, I can understand the consequences of these problems on a deeper level which is looking very evident to me – 

1) Closing down the business & getting a soul-sucking 9 to 5 job to make ends meet. 

2) Extreme financial anxiety and stress. 

3) Begging clients to buy your product & services. 

Fortunately, I’ve some excellent news for you…

I’ve spent the last 3.5 years studying, analysing and experimenting with the worlds most successful marketing campaigns. 

These campaigns have generated billions of dollars in sales online across every industry. 

Incidentally, I’ve found this one “marketing method” standard in every single successful marketing campaign they’ve created, i.e –

This brand new classified 8 step “marketing method” was the backbone of these multi-million dollar unicorn campaigns. 

I call this method the “P8 Campaigns.”

These campaigns can stop your target prospects garb them by the throat & practically compel them to buy from you. 

(of course for their good)

It’s the most effective solution I’ve ever seen to get consistent new high-paying fitness clients online for coaches like you. 

This means once you understand and implement the “P8 Campaigns” approach…

You can generate unlimited new high paying fitness clients from social media. 

You will enjoy the freedom of doing the work you love and building a business around it. 

You will be free from all the financial anxiety, stress & pressure which come as a consequence of low sales. 

I’ve put together a special 100-page report known as the “P8 Campaigns.” 

The “P8 Campaigns” will help you acquire consistent new high-paying fitness clients from social media. 

Click the link given at the bottom of this post for more details. 

The retail value of this special report is 29$ but as a part of my exclusive launch offer. 

You can get the “P8 Campaigns” report now only for 1$

No Upgrades, No Additional Programs, No Gimmicks. 

In fact, as a part of this exclusive limited time offer, you will also receive…

BONUS #1 – Collection Of 5 Most Successful Fitness Promotion Ads Of The History (29$ value)

BONUS #2 – Exclusive Bundle Of 3 High Converting Landing Pages To Double Your Revenue (29$)

BONUS #3 – Set Of 7 Revenue Multiplying Emails To Extract 4x More Money From 1 Single Customer (29$)

You get everything today for just 1$ Flat. 

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The reason I’m making this offer at such a negligible price is that – 

I want to build a relationship with you by providing value upfront in the hope of doing business together in future. 

That’s my only ulterior motive. 

Grab your copy of the “P8 Campaigns” now before the offer expires. 

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