ALET Sports Academy’s Monsoon 18th Martial Arts Camp to be held in Goa

From July 3 to July 6, the 18th Monsoon Camp of ALET will take place in Goa under the supervision of ALET Sports Academy and in collaboration with Planet Goa. National player Amay Lashkari, the founder of ALET Sports Academy, will instruct the players in the martial arts of Karate, Koshiki Sky Self Defense, and fencing. ALET is the leading martial arts academy in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Participants in the program will come from various schools in Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Ratlam, and Gwalior. Karan Sahu, Sharjal Mahwar, Mahi Dharu, Deepika Bhondve, Shakshi Panchal, Tanishka Lashkari, Siddhi Soni, Shivani Soni, Lakshita Sharma, Purva Kagre, Yashita Pal, Kavya Bokarde, Daksh Bhondwe, Shriyanshi Dubey, and Rohit Achane are the names of the players chosen from Indore. All of these athletes will represent Indore in the contests planned by the department of education.

Player declared for 21st ALET state martial arts event.

National Sports and Education Development Federation of Madhya Pradesh has declared the junior category team list for the 21st ALET state martial arts karate competition to be held at Neema Vidya Niketan on July 13. The names of the players announced in this tournament to be held under the supervision of Amay Lashkari are as follows. Yashasvi Rathore, Devansh Dalvi, Chirag Dhaliya, Arun Kushwaha, Suhana, Geria, Suhana Bagde, Divyanshi Shinde, Himanshi Shinde, Kazim Khan, Kunal Solanki, Naitik Chauhan, Arijit Yadav, Rishabh Davar, Gaurav Chaudhary. The following players will represent the Indore district in the competition – Parsh Bakwale, Deepika Bakwale, and Tina Khanna. Their coach will be Tanishka Lashkari and manager will be Sharjal Mahwar.

Although martial arts were originally developed in Asia several centuries ago, primarily in China, Korea, and Japan, primarily as a self-defense mechanism, they are now utilized as a kind of exercise to promote spiritual growth, protect state security, and compete in sports. Under Amay Lashkari’s leadership, ALET Sports Academy focuses on instilling self-discipline, focus, bully prevention, actual self-defence, physical training, and confidence. Indeed, the traditional discipline is becoming more well-liked across many countries as a result of martial arts’ globalization.

Amay Lashkari as a martial art instructor is informative and enthusiastic and enjoys working with people and especially children. His ‘whatever it takes attitude’ makes him stand apart from the crowd.

Claim to Fame – Amay Lashkari

  • President of Moule Shotokan Karate Association of Madhya Pradesh
  • General secretary of Universal Shotokan Karate Federation of Madhya Pradesh
  • India secretary of Rural Games Fencing Association
  • SGFI representative of Sqay Martial Art
  • Asian Referee
  • DSYWMP representative fencing from Indore
  • 2nd Dan Blackbelt in Koshiki and Kaate
  • Former member of ALL MP Kungfu Association Indore
  • Former member of Elbow Boxing Sports Association
  • Appointed as the state co-ordinator by National sports and Education Development Federation to promote Martial Arts games in District and state-level championship.



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