All Smyles: The best affordable Dental Clinic in Alwarpet Chennai

“Enhance your aesthetic value and confidence in speaking by opting non surgical Hollywood smile makeover from All Smyles”

Just like our overall health and well-being oral health and dental is equally important. Majority of the population faces dental problems. Subsequently smiles are a powerful thing which has a direct influence on mood levels and confidence. It communicates our state of mind. However, if you feel ,you are not satisfied with your smile then fear not and restore confidence in your smile with cosmetic treatment by a renowned celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Haneef Akbar, the best affordable cosmetic dentist in Chennai and the founder of ‘All Smyles’ cosmetic dental centre.

‘All Smyles’ is the best affordable dental clinic in Chennai that focuses on improving the appearance of mouth, teeth,gums and overall smile through the procedure of teeth whitening, implants, Root canal treatment,3d veneers,cadcam crowns and fillings. Dr. Haneef Akbar is specialized for a variety of procedures right from minor fixes to major smile improvements that makes him one of the best cosmetic dentist in Chennai that provides cosmetic dental treatment at a very affordable cost, making itself the best affordable dental clinic in Chennai. 

Cosmetic dental care is needed when the tooth gets decayed, damaged, crooked, misshapen, discolored. It also causes difficulty while eating and speaking and to some extent it affects the self-esteem of the people. As per the report by the American Dental Association 33% of young people hesitates to smile because some don’t feel confident about the appearance of their teeth while 23% of adults limits social participation due to embarrassment about their smiles. Dr. Haneef Akbar of ‘All Smyles’ eradicates the dissatisfaction of your smile and improve the condition of your teeth with the plethora of services such as laser composite teeth filling, Extractions, Teeth cleaning, Zoom whitening, Teeth scaling, Root canal treatment, ceramic crowns, Zirconia crowns, Hollywood smile makeover dental porcelain veneers, Dental swarovsky diamond jewels, invisalign Braces and so on with over 62000 clients treated by so far. 

Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise and selecting an experienced and right cosmetic dentist is crucial to achieve the results as per your desire. Dr. Haneef Akbar is a high level of expertise in cosmetic dentistry of more than a decade who can transform almost anyone’s teeth to give them a smile they desire. He helps to determine which method particularly works the best for enhancing the smile as the same procedure does not work for everyone. ‘All smyles’ make everything covered at an affordable cost. And this made ‘All Smyles’ the best and affordable dental clinic in Chennai and Dr. Haneef Akbar ,the top rated cosmetic dentist in Google reviews.

‘All Smyles’ cosmetic dental centre at Alwarpet Chennai in India is the first to introduce in Chennai ,an exclusive cosmetic dental centre at affordable cost comparatively with 20% waiver for those who follow All ‘Smyles’ on Instagram and tag 5 friends in comments and make their friends follow. They also provide free full mouth anticavity fluoridegel application worth 1000 INR with every Ultrasonic teeth cleaning for the taggers as an initiative of creating awareness about fluoride application.

Now you can enhance your aesthetic value and confidence in speaking by opting non surgical Hollywood smile makeover from ‘All Smyles’ and get the smile of your dreams – beautiful and sparkling that can re-do your entire look. Consult Dr. Haneef Akbar now, the best cosmetic dentist in Chennai and Dubai who spare no effort to provide the necessary procedures to give their patients their best smile ever! Learn more about ‘All Smyles cosmetic dental ‘procedures and schedule a consultation now                                 @ +91-9500195881.

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