ANMOL DHAMIJA is a Mechanical Engineer turned Motivational Speaker, Business Coach and India’s #1 Sales Trainer, and Pinvista Group of Companies Founder.

He is India’s #1 Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker and India’s Leading Business Coach.

He started working in Sales at the age of 17 and a half when he was a 1st-year student of B.Tech. and achieved heights of success at a very young age. He started Pinvista at the age of 23, which provides Corporate Training, Sales Training, Motivational Speaking, Keynote Speaking, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching.

He is working with Mid Scale and Large Scale organizations to Boost their Business 10X, Automate their Business, Leadership Development and Boost their Sales 10X.

He is the Sensation in the market of Sales Training and Motivational Speaking. He has Unique Motivation Skills and Sales Skills through which he is helping the corporates to boost their Sales 10X.

He uses the Power Motivation method to boost their employee’s Enthusiasm, Make the employees Sharp by giving them Skills, and make them Experts by giving them a Vision through his Inspirational Talks.

He is working for the past eight years in this Industry and has Impacted more than Million lives by his Power Motivation and Training and Development Skills. He has received more than 100 Guest of Honours from different organizations.

To Boost your Sales 10X, you must work on Leadership Development, Sales Trainings, and Development of the Sales Team. 

According to him “Success doesn’t need resources” as he started his journey with no resources, only Rs 200 was there in his pocket, a Middle-Class boy with so many dreams for him and his family in his eyes. He started working in the Sales Industry on Bike and within six months represents as a Keynote Speaker, and in six months, he accomplished his many dreams step by step and was a Car Achiever in the first six months.

One by One, he accomplished so many dreams of him from One Car to Three Cars from a Small house to a Villa. His journey is a very inspiring journey and he has inspired millions of youth till now.

He has a mission of helping 10 Million people to be Lion in the Sales field and Conquer all their dreams.

He started his organization Pinvista Group of Companies for this mission at the age of 23, which provides 

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Sales Training
  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Coaching.

He is helping many of the Corporates to Boost their Business 10X. 

According to him, “Your goals are very Important that will push you to succeed in your journey and achieve your goals your every section must be lead by an expert, and one can’t be expert in every field, but one can hire an expert for a particular area that will make you succeed towards your goal.”

He believes that Sales are not about selling any product or services. It’s more about helping the customer and getting connected with the customer.

Sales are the backbone of any industry as it is the revenue generator.

The salesperson is the main face of any organization. He is the one who represents the company in the market. So how do you want your company to look in the market? That is dependent upon the Skills, Personality, and Motivation of the Salesperson who is representing the market.

SO for the 10X growth, you must Motivate, Inspire and Train your Team.

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