Asif Ansari – Founder of A3 garments and a man who looks the world through a unique lens

Great things need no grand launches or huge investments. They require never-ending efforts, a never-say-die attitude, a character with boundless patience and faith, and, most importantly, a positive attitude that believes in a better tomorrow. This is the story of Asif Ansari, a phenomenal person with an unconventional thought process who viewed the world through a different perspective and a unique lens and who ventured into his own business at the age of just 18.

At some point, everything needs to be started at some point of time, and at that point, one must not count the odds and step back. Things work only when they are put into action. The world saw Asif Ansari as a bit over ambitious when he expressed his plan to start A3 dresses when he was just 18 years old. Asif Ansari always wanted to do something out of the box and wished to make a difference in his life. Unlike people of his age, Asif Ansari never wanted to hustle behind marks and ranks. He dreamt of achieving something big and that demanded an early start. Asif Ansari’s family is from a business background, and his family has been a great support for him and they provided him with the starters.

A3 Garments was started on August 28th, 2018 in Mumbai as a company that manufactures and sells girls’ ready made garments in a wholesale range. Through A3 garments, Asif Ansari is determined to provide outfits that are astonishing and alluring. Asif believes that dresses must be worn with confidence, and dresses that are custom made would definitely bring that charisma to the one that’s wearing the dress. At A3 garments, there will always be a perfect fit and each dress is processed meticulously through each step such as cutting and sewing, and the output will be tailor made for the customer.

Started with just 3 lakhs, A3 garments are now fetching around 5 crores every year and have become one of the most successful garment ventures across the nation. A3 Garments is distributing goods to several places across the nation and even to some stores in different countries as well. Through A3 garments, Asif Ansari has grown to such a stage where he is now the employer of more than 3000 people.

The journey of Asif Ansari is not just filled with successful sweet moments, but there is a lot of struggle and perseverance behind those memorable moments. Every moment has its own story, and every milestone demands its own effort. At a very young age, Asif Ansari had to face many setbacks and go through several things an 18 year old could not process. Neither a single thing demotivated Asif nor an obstacle stopped him. Like a lion that never stops hunting, Asif continued to work hard and is now what he is because of his sincere efforts. As the venture was started when Asif was 18 years old, Asif had to manage both the business and his college education simultaneously.

The story of Asif Ansari is indeed an inspiration to those who wish to make a difference in a world that runs on mechanical and monotonous notes. Asif had to put everything on the line, and he had complete faith and trust in his ideas and efforts. Asif usually says that some circumstances are meant to teach people a lesson, and that one should not be carried away by the massive tide that sweeps across the heart. One must stand still, inviting the tide to embrace them, and then wait for another, a never-ending process of life lessons. 



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