Ben Jacks to battle Alberto Del Rio in an unforgiving Ring of Fire Inferno Death Match

Time is running out! At Gatoh Move Bangkok Thailand, Ben Jacks, aka Sagar Nama, will face Mexico’s Greatest Export, Alberto Del Rio, in a Ring of Fire Inferno Death Match.

Nearly after three years, Ben Jacks is all set to make his return to Hardcore Matches & International Circuit, and he will wrestle the most dangerous match of all time. He has created history once again, and Ben Jacks is now the first Indian Professional Wrestler who will wrestle in the Inferno Death Match. This is not even achieved by The Great Khali and many other famous Indian Professional Wrestlers. 

In this match, the entire ring will be covered by fire. Both wrestlers can use any weapons they want to hit each other. They both can even throw each other into the fire. The match will continue till one of them quits the match. The last man standing will be declared the winner.

His opponent Alberto Del Rio is a renowned Professional Wrestler. He hails from Mexico and is a former WWE CHAMPION, WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION & WWE UNITED STATES CHAMPION. He has wrestled all around the globe, and he has held so many championships. He has 25 years of experience in Professional Wrestling.

Ben Jacks is preparing so hard for this match, he is training 7-8 hours a day, and currently, he is following a rigorous diet to maintain his health & strength.

The government of Madhya Pradesh also has huge expectations from him for this match. They are keeping a close eye on him. They congratulated him & wished him good luck for the upcoming battle. Chief Minister & Other Ministers have also told him to stay safe during the match as he is a significant asset to the state government.

During the interview, Ben Jacks said – I’m very excited about this match, and I’m looking forward to it. My opponent Alberto Del Rio is a legend, and I’ve grown up watching him wrestle. He is one of my favorite wrestlers. It’s a huge honor for me to face & battle him in the biggest match of all. I’m not at all afraid to do the Inferno Death Match. I will win, that’s for sure; I’m 100% confident about it. My hard work will pay off. After the match, I’ll make sure Alberto comes with me if I go to the hospital. I will give him the pain of a lifetime. If I die in that match, I’ll be the happiest person ever because I’ll die doing what I love the most, and that’s Professional Wrestling. My sole purpose now is to win this International Match and make my state & country proud. I keep moving forward, onwards & upwards.

The match is scheduled to take place on 25th December 2022 in ROYAL THAI ARMY STADIUM, BANGKOK, THAILAND.

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