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In today’s fast era where we are often running short of time, handling stress, staying away from bad food habits and sitting for long hours on chairs due to our work has become difficult. Additionally these issues pose a threat to our physical and mental well being. Therefore it is now important for us to pay attention to our diet and nutrition by choosing a nutritionist who can give us diet plans and nutritional advice as per our body type. Binny Choudhry is one such leading and certified Nutritionist who leads her venture, My Plate Manager. 

Binny Choudhry has more than 10 years of experience in this field. She started her career in this field as a trainee nutritionist in fitbites. Now she focuses on guiding people in choosing the path of healthy diet and lifestyle. My Plate Manager is the platform through which she is now providing her services and now she has a number of satisfied and happy clients. 

During the early days of My Play Manager was a venue for sharing healthy recipes and other food tips with family and friends. But, with the constant efforts of its founder, Binny Choudhry, it has grown leaps and bounds. She enrolled herself at YMCA’s nutrition and dietetics programme. It was there that she discovered her passion for health, wellness and fitness. Today, My Plate Manager is a well known nutrition hub that helps clients in keeping their bodies in good shape by advising them on impactful diet plans. With lifestyle and diet plan suggestions, My Plate Manager has helped a number of clients achieve their physical objectives. 

Binny Choudhry is a nutritionist who believes in providing her diet plans to the clients that are optimal in nature. These plans not only help in weight loss, but also improve your overall health and wellness, and focussing on fitness. With My Plate Manager, Binny Choudhry assists her clients in achieving the fitness and lifestyle improvements. 

More about My Plate Manager

My Plate Manager helps you with diet plans for weight loss, and helps you with overall health and wellness. On the top of that, it also helps people with issues such as diabetes, heart diseases, thyroid and PCOS. All that the body needs to tackle these issues is a healthy diet chart. With a healthy diet chart, you can count your daily nutrient intake that helps you if you have any medical issues. With My Plate Manager:

  • You will have clarity on food choices.
  • You hain access to expert consultations both online and physical. 
  • You are guided to your journey to fitness.

Getting guided by an expert nutritionist is one of the amazing ways to start your diet plan and maintain it well. The diet plan is designed keeping in mind the requirement of your body and it’s medical history. Contact My Plate Manager today and manage the nutrition on your plate today.

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