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Sandeep, how do you make yourself & Quampetence ready for Future?

We at Quampetence believe ‘Future’ is no longer tomorrow. It’s ‘Today’. To evolve & be ‘Today-Ready’, we have adopted ‘Business Transformation’ as the driving force, making bold, seismic shifts to accelerate change and growth beyond typical incremental advancements.

Thats interesting, tell us more about Today. What does it look like from your vantage point?

As the industry evolved through each of the ‘industrial revolutions’, the way customers interact with brands & organizations also evolved. Today, not only do the customers interact with brands & organizations through multiple channels, but they also expect to switch between the channels seamlessly & get a similar experience. In today’s super-competitive market, customers expect hyper-personalized services in each service encounter.

This shift in customer expectation in a super-competitive market environment demands a radical change in the way brands & organizations think about their respective service organizations. What used to be a non-core activity fulfilled through shared services (in-house or outsourced) has evolved to be a ‘key differentiator’ amongst competitions. However, the focus on reducing the cost of serving the customers continues to be a reality, especially during the post-pandemic economic recovery.

We thought the advent of new techs, e.g., artificial intelligence, machine learning etc., would make the human workforce obsolete. Yours is a labour-intensive industry. Does this not pose an existential threat?

We are witnessing & going through the ‘fifth industrial revolution. The developments have made technology & human workforce enablers to each other. Technology would help us gain ‘cost leadership’ while ‘human touch’ would ensure super empathetic & hyper-personalized services & experience.

Interesting & very unique point of view! Tell us what changed & what needs to be done differently now, especially in the customer experience management industry?

Earlier, the approach for Customer Experience was reactive, with the customer choosing from pre-set offers. Today, we have to be proactive with ultra-personalized offerings & delivery.

Service delivery was integrated and product-driven with static workflows. Today, the service delivery has to be individualized with dynamic service assembly & delivery.

Digital Technology was a monolithic & highly complex IT infrastructure. Today it has to be flexible with digital & data platforms on top of the legacy track.

Organizations were pyramid shaped large, with human factories. Today, it has to be rocket shaped set-up with a digital corporate centre & a bionic front end.

Earlier, the digital ecosystem had limited collaboration with a few strategic partners. Today, it demands decomposition of the value chain & broad inclusion of partners.

Very insightful! We spoke about adopting Business Transformationto become Today Ready. Could you tell us how you are doing it?

We at Quampetence are transforming & making fundamental changes in how a business or organization runs with components like:

1. Business Process Transformation: Doing things better, faster & affordable by removing frictions in processes through redesign

2. Organizational Transformation: Becoming agile & efficient by changing the mode of operation, structure & practices

3. Digital Transformation: Rapidly adopting & using of technological advancement to unlock additional value

4. Cultural Transformation: Adapting to the disruptive environment by changing the way of thinking, organizing & behaving

Tell us something about the solution portfolio & the industries being served today by Quampetence?

Quampetence provides ONE-STOP Business optimization solutions. We offer a wide spectrum of services by means of any channel of support where the customer would interact with the brand. Be it voice support, chat support, email support, social media support or any web channels along with back-office services. With smart automation & analytics, we also offer a bouquet of services to our clients with AI NLP Bots to manage end-to-end customer lifecycle management. 

Today, we provide 24*7 support across all 365 days & serve leading billion-dollar companies across various verticals/domains like E-commerce, Online Gaming, Online Travel Aggregators, Healthcare, Fashion & apparel, IT Food Tech, Automotive & Industrial OEMs.

Our next three-year project plan is to expand our horizons with six new sites by generating jobs for additional 5000+ employees globally. We stand for delivering ‘Quality with Competence’ as we are steered by technology, characterized by experience and electrified by people.

Great. Thanks, Sandeep, for allowing us a glimpse of the exciting work you are doing to transform the business & the service organizations of your clients. Wish you & Quampetence all the success.   

Sandeep Singh – Founder, CEO (Quampetence)



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