Celebrity Tarot Card Reader who predicted COVID-19 in 2018.

Dr Sanya K Adhlakha (Fate Designer) / Founder of Infinity Blessings.

Dr Sanya is an internationally renowned celebrity Tarot Expert, Psychic, Numerologist, Astrologer, Healer, and Spiritual Influencer. She has done her Ph.D. in Tarot Card Reading.

She had predicted in 2018 on her YouTube channel that the world will experience some deadly disease in 2019. The first case on corona is registered back to Nov 17, 2019. She warned about the possibility of the pandemic outbreak way before it happened. Her every prediction about the rise and fall of coronavirus came out to be precisely accurate. Later, she predicted every detail about the pandemic and how it was going to affect humanity. It all came out to be true. She gave her contribution by doing free healings for corona patients.

She is a popular & regular columnist, and personality heard and seen in Tarot TV Shows, News Shows and Radio globally. She has been conferred with many awards and facilitation, including Pride of India, Humanity Excellence Award, Kohinoor of India, Holistic Diva, Iconic Woman, and many more. 

She is guiding many TV Celebrities, Artists, Politicians, Sportspersons, and well-known faces of India.

She had also predicted on her Social Media and YouTube channel about many Celebrities, their health, Indian Politics, Air Strike, and many more significant events, which came out to be accurate.

Her predictions about natural disasters and terrorist attacks are 100% accurate every time.

Some people refer to tarot reading as fortune-telling, but she thinks of them as a guidance tool and divine information about a person’s circumstances. She has transformed thousands of lives till now. Her mission is to heal humanity by guiding people to the right path and direction so that every individual can effectively overcome life’s challenging situations.

She is a devotee of Mahadev and says she is intuitive since childhood with his blessings. She believes more in her intuition and karma than astrology. She developed a natural interest in tarot reading at a very young age. With meditation and practice, she began practicing the science of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, and Healings.

Many covid patients have recovered with her free healings for this deadly disease. 

She is doing a Myth Busters series on YouTube where she is breaking all the stereotypes, superstitions, and myths among people, especially Indians. According to her, many people get fooled in this field of occult science in the name of different superstitions. She wants to burst all kinds of myths and superstitions to create a positive mind-set to differentiate between belief and mythology.

She delivers speeches with motivating elements to inspire or encourage the audience. With her lessons, she helps transform their audience’s mind-set in a most meaningful way. Her USP is simplified practical approaches and quick problem-solving solutions. 

Dr Sanya offers highly professional and personalized accurate readings according to the client’s needs. She has some powerful courses to show like Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Healing techniques, Angel Guidance, Crystal Therapies, and more.

Instagram @drsanyaofficial 

YouTube – Dr. Sanya Infinity Blessings

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