Certificate in Child and Teen Counselling Psychology – An online course by Dr. Ruupa Rao

No matter where the world goes or how much technology advances, we might have to hustle every day to survive even if our lives are busier and things are made easier. Even if everything is transforming quickly, education is the one thing that never changes. Any person’s ability to develop as a person and as a valuable member of society depends on their level of education. As the proverb goes, education is the means by which knowledge is attained. Along with everything else, education has changed significantly over time, and the approaches used today are far more effective. The Internet has made education reach every corner of the world, and people are now able to learn what’s happening across the entire world. The entire educational system has chosen to move forward with online methods in response to the abrupt onset of a pandemic. While some schools found it difficult and unappealing to switch to an online format, others took advantage of it and introduced amazing learning techniques. Dr. Ruupa Rao’s Noble Institute of Education Society is one such institution. Ruupa Rao don’t need an introduction specifically. Ruupa Rao has made a significant contribution to the education industry and helped mould countless pupils.

Dr. Ruupa Rao is like every other person working in a routine, monotonous job with no interesting aspects to life. But all it takes for a great change is just to put an end to mechanical life. Dr. Ruupa Rao has done Masters in Business Administration, PhD in Computer Science and MSc in Psychology. She has 20 years of progressive experience in coaching, education and training. With most people sailing through the journey of life with compromises and adjustments, she chose to choose a stream in an oddly explored path. She broke down all the norms in 2002 once she decided that she was fed up with her job. That moment changed everything, and that laid the roots for what Ruupa Rao is now. She took the brave decision to stand on her own legs, and with a motto to emphasise education through novel and unconventional methods, she decided to start a training institute.

Without a single penny in hand, she hovered around banks for loans under various schemes, but none of the banks heeded her pleas. As a last ray of hope, she emailed the CM of Karnataka, expressing her deepest and genuine motive to start a training centre for the welfare of numerous institutes and how she is suffering from not getting a loan. Great things happen to great people, and there is always a path through crevices for those who wish to change the course of things. Fortunately, CM had responded to her mail and things were all set for her to take the leap. Since the inception, Dr. Ruupa has always looked forward to changing methods, keeping pace with the changing times, helping students pursue their dreams, and has always stayed genuine and honest, and that’s what took her to success. Now, along with NIES, two others have been added to the list. NGen Soft Solutions offers IT and soft skills training and Anuhya Summer Camp India for young minds.

Everytime, Dr. Ruupa Rao comes up with a new course and this time she came up with a certification course in Child and Teen Counselling Psychology (Skills, Therapy and Techniques) in a completely live mode through online classes. The course is open to those who are eager to learn about the psychology of adolescence and to those who wish to become professional counsellors working with children or adolescents. Any student, professional, or psychology student who wishes to specialise in child psychology can join this course and excel in the concerned area.

Regarding the course, Dr. Ruupa Rao claims that childhood is the most significant stage of everyone’s life. She is adamant that everything that occurs during this time has a significant impact on how a man develops as a person and will undoubtedly affect his behaviour and future growth. In this course, Dr. Ruupa Rao will cover working with children, a child’s stages of growth, psychological problems in children like grieving and bullying, and the therapeutic process. There are numerous items in the list. An accredited certificate will be given upon completion of the course, and the total cost is Rs. 4,000. 

Call or Whatsapp to register: 9740866990 Link —  www.ruuparao.com

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