Certified personal counselor and Author Kartik Yadav launched his book ‘Kamasutra secrets’

“Kamasutra secrets by Kartik Yadav is dramatically different from anything you have ever read. This book is all about bridging the gap between two sexes and aims to make seduction a part of your everyday life. As said by Vatsyayan (Sage writer of Kamasutra) that seduction is not an event, it’s a state of mind”

As a matter of fact, a healthy relationship is the key that increases our happiness, upgrades health as well as reduces stress. Studies reveal that people with healthy relationship are happier. Ancient Kamasutra was written 2000 years ago by the sage writer Vatsyayan as a guide to living well, maintaining one’s love life along with sexuality which is a reality of everyone’s life that’s hard to ignore however, it began distorting gradually. Even now the word sex is considered as a taboo in the Indian Society whereas its high time one must understand that why sex is the primary need. As per the data by NCBI 81% males in India suffer from some kind of sexual problem, 64% females are sexually unsatisfied. As per the survey, 57% men and 64% women in Asia Pacific are not satisfied with sex.

Stressing on the above fact Author kartik Yadav launched his book “Kamasutra secrets” as a guide to make people understand that how a small Kamasutra technique can enhance their sex life to a new level and experience the ultimate pleasure that they had never experienced before.

Book blurb

Through the book “Kamasutra secrets” the author straightforwardly aims to share all the secrets that makes you an irresistible partner. His fantastic attempt to guide the reader with the secrets what must be known to everyone to make their relationship healthy and boost ultimate pleasure in their life with the proven techniques is worth a read.

The author gives an insight about the following through his book ‘Kamasutra secrets’

1. About Men and women: How our body reacts to each other towards sensual feelings.

 2. Smells and perfumes: How perfumes affect our feel and attraction.

 3. Love Quarrels: How you can change small fights into best moments.

 4. Secret Language: How to tease your partner and interact with her.

 5. Love bites: Secrets of love bites and long lasting love marks.

 6. Erotic Nerves: Hidden nerves that take your partner to an all-new experience.

 7. Scratching: An art for experts.

 8. Fingering: How to use your fingers to make her feel like never before.

 9. Dildos: How to dildos and take one step further than other people.

 10. Kissing: Not just touching lips but something that ignites a passion in your partner to go all out.

 11. Oral Sex: A hidden gem of experts.

 12. Feet: How a small secret can change the way you think about feet.

 13. Thrusting: Angel and positions for deep to light penetration.

 14. Pillow Talk: Making ready for next meeting.

 15. Food & Sex: One thing that can change your life which is ignored by almost 97% partner.

you can check his work here : Visit – www.kamasutrasecrets.in  

The Author said “Kamasutra is not about sex it’s more about how you live in a healthy relationship and make the best sex which your partner deserve.”

Author Kartik Yadav crafted the book as per today’s lifestyle. The book guides you about passion and skills, finesse and sophistication, pleasure and depth of satisfaction. The book covers physical intimacies as well as mental fantasies. It helps witness the actual skills, the tricks and the reason behind the best performance. There’s no fluff or fillers. It goes straight into showing you exactly techniques and the reason behind that.

Recently the author has started his You Tube channel under the name of “Kartik Yadav” where he shares the reason of learning the art of lovemaking along with its importance, especially in India. 

As the book is finished reading, the readers are left with an unforgettable love making experience with their partner, with a craze of wanting them back anyhow!

If you want to explore the secrets of Kamasutra, then you must not miss India’s first Kamasutra Secrets Workshop by Kartik Yadav. The course comprises of three sections, first section explains you about the basic understanding, and second section about erotic activities and third section about the right way to do. By far the author has successfully completed more than 50 seminars on sex education training over 7000 students and adults. He remained a key note speaker and interviewed the top sexologists in India. The author shares daily and weekly content around sex education on his official Instagram account.

Kartik’s official You Tube channel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTq0Tv_dpq0

Instagram – @kartikyadavofficiall 

Visit – www.kamasutrasecrets.in  

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