Computing is not about computers anymore. It is about living – Nicholos Negroponte.

I come from a place where school’s computer is a compulsory subject, but they don’t teach us the basics of computers properly. In this Digitalisation Era, the knowledge of computers is very important. I knew that, so I wanted to start a computer learning institute where students could get all the computer-related courses. But for that, first, I must have the proper knowledge of computers. So after 12th, I started working at a computer hardware shop. In the span of 3 years, I learned many things. Now I had the proper knowledge, but I didn’t have the second most important thing, which is “Money.” Because for the institute I required some computers and for that I needed money. There is a dialogue in Bollywood movies, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,” and the same thing happened with me. My shop owner and my good friend helped me to get 5 computers from the old parts of the computer that we used to repair in the shop. (Faulty and Unusable Computer Parts)

After that, I had everything that I wanted. So without any delay, I opened my complete institute at my friend’s compartment. In the beginning, things didn’t go well, and after some time, I had to close my institute. Maybe because of my less knowledge or something else, but this was the clean bowl on the very first ball.

I wasn’t going to give up so easily. So I again looked for my mistakes. I created a good network with the help of my friends for marketing and publicity. This time, I also saved some money and with that money I bought 5 new PCs which are owned by me. I was very happy to start my classes again, and this time my pre-exam preparation worked. I got a great response. In just 6 months, I bought 10 more computers of my own and almost 100 students, which I think is a big number in my city. In the Lockdown, it didn’t get too affected, and I also opened a new institute between the pandemic. I genuinely think this all happened because of the knowledge, quality content, consistency, strong belief, proper preparation, and a strong tendency never to give up. 

Finally, I want to say just keep going whatever the situations are because problems are a part of life. Whatever you do in your life you have to face some problems. Never be scared of the problems and learn to face them.

Rajul Tiwari is on Instagram as @entreprenure_rajul

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