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Avikaa Singh, a Mental Health Advocate, and Philanthropist. 

“Balance is awareness. If you don’t have balance in your life about anything, you will always stay unaware of your surroundings.”- Avikaa Singh

From the Desk of Avikaa Singh-

I, Avikaa Singh, am a motivational and growth mindset coach. I have my roots in Punjab, but I am growing my wings in Mumbai now. I am a very inspiration-driven person. I have also started my journey in healing modalities like Reiki and Merlin Trinity Diamond, and a lot of meditations related to the Moon, Feminine and Masculine Energies, and Kundalini Yoga. 

I will help you clear your roadblocks and unlock the doors of your inner power with YBF (Your Best Friend). The YBF platform strives to bring confidence into the lives of people with strategic planning. It provides entrepreneurs immense clarity about the steps they should take to transform from side-hustlers to CEOs. YBF is a community-based platform where people will get  lot of growth opportunities, it is not only limited to mentoring people but also about people growing together in a circle of like-minded people. 

YBF is established with an aim to coach and mentor people to build themselves in their personal and professional lives and offering them Spiritual, Mental,  Psychical  and Financial leadership training, under the guidance of the best mentors.So, YBF will help people to go from passionless to purposeful, from bored, stuck-at-place, and overwhelmed to someone obsessed-with-growth mindset. 

The entire idea behind YBF is built on the belief that passion is the key to everything. Be passionate about your passion- this is the secret to a successful life. YBF will motivate you to live an experience-rich life and spread joy while you live among your fellow human beings. 

The motive of YBF is to help people move from the grief of heartbreak to the journey of self-love. YBF would help you change your mindset from pessimism to optimism. With this platform, you will be able to turn your traumas into motivational paths so that you can find your passion and fuel your success. 

What makes the purpose of YBF enriched is helping people eliminate insecure relationship patterns and break the cycle of hurt, regain their inner power, connect to their purpose, and find meaning in everything they do. Every situation in life is an opportunity for you to become better and every time you see people sad around you, there is your moment to bring joy into their lives. Don’t lose any moment!

Regain your confidence and purpose with YBF, live an abundant life, and choose your thoughts wisely because your subconscious mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

How does the Magic happen?

For instance, a man loses his keys inside his house at night. However, he decides to step out of his place and looks for the keys under the streetlight because the light is bright and he believes that he will find his keys there. A few people who are passing by get curious and ask him, “What are you doing?”

The man replies, “I am looking for my house keys”. So, some of the people try to help him but raise a question, “Before we look any further, could you please tell us where you dropped your keys?”

The man says, “Oh! I dropped the keys inside my house”. Surprised by his answer, one of the people said, “Then why on earth are we looking for the keys outside?”

A coach who happens to live in the neighbourhood was watching the entire scene, so he couldn’t help but come to the man and ask, “So you are looking for your keys outside, but they are inside your house?” “Well, I have got this flashlight, and what I will do is that I will shine the flashlight and you tell me which rooms do you want me to shine it in?”, the coach added. 

While the coach shined the flashlight into the rooms for the man, he kept looking for the keys, and eventually, he found the keys where he dropped them.

So, the coach’s role is to show an off-track person to show the direction of shine and the person looks for what (s)he has been missing in their life. As coaches, we have to keep the light switched on for the people we are helping, and the people have all the directions to look for the motivation, strength, and confidence they want. 

That is what “Your Best Friend (YBF)” has been established for and at YBF, you will find a new journey to walk on!

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