Crypto exchange platform launched In India

All crypto currency enthusiasts can rejoice as an Asian based  crypto exchange platform PluteX has been launched. the new crypto exchange platform provides 24/7 multilingual live chat and available all Major Crypto Currencies 

The platform currently has a trading volume of 10 million, has five-plus exchanges listed, and 2,0000-plus retail investors. Newbie traders can now trade on Plutex in a safe and secure manner as the company has partnered with digital asset management Fireblocks and will provide Security for Wallets 

PluteX Founder said, “Crypto currencies are growing, and we are positive it will lead the market. There is a lack of awareness of digital currency, and this issue can get solved with the support of this platform. Extensive efforts have been made to launch a platform that provides insurance for all accounts. Ours is the only platform in the market that ensures every user wallet is secure, compared to other platforms in the market. The platform does not have bugs, and supports Anti-Money Laundering.” and Instant no fee for deposits

 And also we are welcome to new listing tokens NFTs, etc..

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