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Over the years, technology has revolutionised our world and daily lives. Today technology has occupied such an important place in modern society that people cannot imagine a life without it. With the plethora of technological advancements taking place, everyday digitalisation in business has proven to be almost essential for business success nowadays. 

Undoubtedly, businesses have fully leveraged digital technologies from automating their marketing activities to processing their orders. Owing to the current business scenario, Divergenz DataTech Pvt Ltd was coined by the visionary founder Hari Kishore in 2021 to build a robust, highly effective, and dedicated data entry services team with the mission to deliver the most reliable results. 

Divergenz DataTech caters to the following services 

  • Data Management and Analysis
  • Online/Offline Data Entry
  • Data Dashboard
  • Digital/Social Media Marketing
  • Product Launching
  • Product Launching – Event Management
  • Content Writing
  • Managing Powerpoint slides for business
  • Marketing/Sales PowerPoint creation
  • Training PPTs
  • Logo Designing
  • Video Creation
  • Video Ads
  • Voice Overs
  • Jingle Creation
  • Managing a Department for Organizations
  • Managing Emails for Organizations
  • Customer Account Management
  • Offline Secretary Services
  • And Much More…

The founder, Hari Kishore, shares his Achievements and struggles in his entrepreneurial journey in a crux “We’ve grown from a four-person firm to a twenty-member staff with delighted and happy clientele across boundaries since our establishment in 2021. Finding the correct consumers was difficult because there are many fraudulent persons out there that pose as actual people and squander time, money, or both. The task at hand was to find the proper ones and sort them out.”

Needless to say, Covid -19 pandemic has brought a whole new reality in the world of business, and digital transformation as evolution and matter of incremental growth has become a revolution for most of the businesses and catapulted into a more digital world than ever before. Digital transformation re-evaluates and optimizes your systems and processes ensuring they are interoperable and flexible enough to provide robust business intelligence and set your company up for future success. Since the refuge of coronavirus pandemic, it is observed that almost 90% of the customers chose online shopping amid stay-at-home lifestyle. 

The team at Divergenz strives to unlock efficiencies for the businesses together with delivering a more seamless and intuitive experience for the customers spanning from email communications to user portals, digital products, and even the cadence by which they reach out to new prospects. Since customers have high expectations for digital experiences, customer experience has become a new battleground for brands. Divergenz comes up with giving the customer control of how their data is collected and used and empowering them with the autonomy to make decisions around their data.

Founded with passion and dedication, Divergenz Data Tech Private Limited, a leading IT product Development company, has consistently transformed product owners’ visions into stunning, intuitive mobile and web software products, supporting millions of users. Being client-centric in their dealings, Divergenz brings fresh perspectives to all the problems of the businesses through their responsive design and development process, which expedites their time to promote and make sure they launch the right product at the right time for the right people.

Claim to Fame – Divergenz Data Tech Private Limited

With 21 years of experience and two business partners, Divergenz has handled over 200K transactions with their wide range of services in 3 countries worldwide and stood tall with an Internationally acclaimed certification. 

The founder Hari Kishore concludes by saying, “Our services are best described as solutions. To be contemporary, forward-thinking, and inventive, every company must continually capitalize on itself and its personnel. At the same time, the company should achieve the objective and vision that it has set for itself. It is critical for enterprises to communicate at a faster rate than envisaged in this era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.”

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