Dr paakhi jain, top growing mommy lifestyle influencer in india

She is a mommy and a lifestyle content creator.

She is also a physiotherapist who has done her bachelor’s from Mumbai and PGDM from London. 

She is also a certified pilates trainer by reebok and balanced body and a certified antenatal and postnatal therapist.

She is also a women s health and diabetes educator 

She has an Instagram account of 90000 followers. She started getting viral for her relatable content and when she shared her journey with her newborn and her struggles with postpartum depression 

Her content is all about lifestyle, health, and parenting.

She is known for taking lives about health with baby chakra and being a socialite with good creator co and many other events.

She is soon available on youtube, vlogging her daily life with a channel named Beingpaakhi. 

She is also available on amazon as a creator storefront and takes amazon to live to get the best products at discounted rates for her followers.

She believes in getting quality products at affordable rates. This is also what makes her relatable to her audience.

“believe in yourself and you can achieve anything “is the motto she lives by


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