FashionflameZ presents the Fashion Era on July 16th 2022 

This idea was to curate a fashion show which would bring in all the different Era of style and fashion from the 17/18/19/20/21st centuries, says the Director of Fashionflamez, Jincy Sathish. 

She has been innovatively bringing in her concepts which are different from the stereotype fashion shows. FashionflameZ is well known now for creating new and innovative ideas and concepts and giving a platform to all ages, all sizes and grooming all to a level where each individual becomes confident over time and puts up their best foot forward. The show was presented by designers who brought in their best collections to showcase the different Eras. She also adds that her goal is not to compete with anyone in the events industry but to be the change and create new concepts. She is more focused on passionate women and who have the fire in them to achieve their goals in life. Jincy also says there are many well-wishers for her, and she believes if you are on the right path, recognition and success eventually follow. 

The Brand Ambassador for the event was Tani Chatterjee, a supermodel and actress who opened the event. An opening dance followed this by Advaita Dance Academy, a performance dedicated to Lord Shiva by Manoj and his student. A total of 6 Designers, including a kids’ collection, were presented at the event. 

The Brand Nandhini Shesadri showcased The Rennaisance Era, which is the 17th century. The detailing on the costumes took all back to the 17th-century fashion and grace during that period. Nandhini is a fashion designer who has always had a passion for art. She creates innovative designs according to the changing trends. An enthusiastic young woman who can surprise and make your occasion memorable with her outfits. The showstopper for her was Model and actress Aruna, the most beautiful and down-to-earth personality, which is very rare to see in the current world. She has graced the designer outfit to perfection.

The event was hosted by Emcee Vikhar, a young anchor who is full of energy and makes you smile. Models were choreographed by Irfan Qinzi, a trained dancer who has done numerous corporate events.

The show was sponsored by Vihaana fashions, which has been in the industry for quite a while now. The photos were clicked by Wishmaster photography, who has given us some good clicks of the outfits presented by the fashion designers. Gifts were sponsored by different brands, including, FashionflameZ

S&V, Arokiya, Natuur Duft. The models and showstoppers were dolled up by Divya Makeovers and the team, who did an excellent job and made the show a grand success.

The show ended with Honor Club Awards awarding the entrepreneurs and models who have excelled in their fields. 

“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more. Please don’t watch the clock, do what it does. Keep going! Pay close attention to those who clap when you win,” concludes Jincy Sathish, Founder and CEO of FashionflameZ.

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