Firmingle – A top rated platform for raising funds of MSME sector at zero commission fees

Firmingle is India’s latest and most active community of investors that connects startups with potential investors with assured confidentiality and advisory services. It is an easier and a convenient platform for the startups that just got started with their entrepreneurship journey where they can avail the benefits of capital and the biggest advantage of using Firmingle is the fact that it doesn’t charge any transaction fee on your deals and this makes Firmingle a perfect corporate matchmaking platform for businesses and startups to connect with potential investors, buyers and sellers!

MSME sector in India comprises of 42.50 million in numbers being the backbone behind the boost of Indian economy and development of the country. MSME sector are more trendy, flexible and innovative as compared to larger companies. Needless to mention, the establishment of any company irrespective of its size takes a lot of hard work together with finance, being the life blood of every business. Though Lack of sufficient capital is the most common problem faced by small and medium enterprises that leads to shut down of the business quite often but the future of SMEs are likely to grow, flourish and survive.

Firmingle, established by Mr. Gautham Ayoor is a platform that is designed to empower startups and MSMEs in India that can help to drive growth in the business of MSME sector and sparks genuine conversations amongst buyers, sellers and investors and simplify the buying and selling business along with fund raising and loans. This makes Firmingle a platform which is accessible, practical and convenient for entrepreneurs. Firmingle have become very popular over the year due to its simplicity and security that becomes a major concern when it comes to online transactions. 

Every MSME enterprise can head towards the official website ( for any kind of queries and are provided with business trends and suggestions that turns out to be valuable amid this changing scenario. Several factors have led to people deciding on selling their businesses at a profitable rate, and are looking out for genuine buyers. Firmingle will suggest you a list of buyers and you can use website’s in built tools to plan a virtual meeting with them to discuss and crack a deal in no time. Whether you are company or a sole proprietor you can easily raise funds and enjoy the benefits of high class investors in today’s rapidly changing business world with safety and security amid uncertain scenario.

Currently, Firmingle has a huge clientele of over 1000 individuals and startups to get their first venture and assisted their growth. With over 2000 active users Firmingle is trusted by thousands of contented entrepreneurs around the world since 2021. Indeed a life changing opportunity for MSMEs that can trigger more growth and resources along with expanding their presence from Firmingle’ devised and conceptualized loan and fund dispersion.

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