Five ways to maintain personal hygiene

Five ways to maintain personal hygiene that our mothers taught us, and we forgot.  

Your mother was indeed correct!

Do you remember when you were young that she would explain to you a million times the advantage of maintaining a proper personal hygiene routine? Well, if you were one of those “rebels without a cause” in your growing-up years, here are five simple ways to maintain personal hygiene and mend your ways today.

With the advent of so many new diseases like Covid19, Monkey-pox, Swine-flu, etc., doing rounds, it is imperative that you get your personal hygiene regimen in order immediately and protect yourself from not just these diseases but also some others and lead a healthy, fruitful life.  

Here are the five ways to maintain personal hygiene.  

  1. Shower hygiene

Shower hygiene is considered the most comprehensive type of personal hygiene. That is because the soap helps to remove the dead skin accumulated on your body, especially in areas that are usually not exposed. Additionally, the gentle massage we do while applying the soap improves blood circulation under our skin, thus reinvigorating it. Bathing also removes accumulated oil and dead skin, which are fertile ground for skin disease-causing bacteria. Since we stay in a hot and humid climate, we should take a shower at least once every day.  

  1. Toilet hygiene

It is said that 400 kids below the age of 5 years die every day in India due to diarrhoea resulting from poor toilet hygiene habits. Excretion is a critical process in the human body and is essential not just to get rid of body wastes but also to eliminate pathogens. Unfortunately, poor toilet hygiene causes these pathogens to enter or re-enter your body, thus making you fall sick. A simple way to achieve toilet hygiene is by washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds after doing the act. These 20 seconds are adequate to kill most bacteria and viruses that are likely to infect you.

  1. Limb hygiene

Our limbs are most likely to make the first contact with a variety of pathogens. When these pathogens get stuck in the dirt present in our nails, they easily end up entering our mouths whenever we eat our food. The best way to maintain limb hygiene is by trimming our nails regularly and removing any dirt that is caught between them. Proper limb hygiene coupled with regular use of soap helps to keep harmful pathogens and dirt at bay.

  1. Private part hygiene

Good hygiene of private parts is essential not just when one gets intimate, but also in your regular everyday life too! It will not only help you score brownie points in bed but also avoid being embarrassed in public. Imagine you are with a group of people, and you get that irresistible urge to itch, or when you are about to get intimate with your partner, and you smell like spoilt fish! The easiest route to good private part hygiene is when you shower. Make sure you pay some extra attention while doing this, as the organs are very delicate and sensitive.

  1. Sickness hygiene

There is no man (or woman) in this world who has not fallen sick ever. While you may take some to recuperate, it is important to maintain proper sickness hygiene too. Sickness hygiene includes doing things that will protect your caregivers and those around you. Things like covering your nose and mouth while sneezing or not sharing used clothes or utensils, or carefully disposing of soiled tissue are just some of the simplest ways of achieving good sickness hygiene. By doing these things, you will ensure that not only do you recover fasters but also protect others around you.

They say that ‘Health is Wealth”. The last 2-3 years proved the real-life significance of this phrase to the entire world. Hence, if you don’t want to end up in a hospital bed or lie in your own house watching the world go by while your body pains and aches, then it is important that you follow these simple five ways to maintain personal hygiene.  

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