Following Passion Led to the Establishment of Rudra Enterprise

Rudra Enterprise is one of the market’s best firms that avail various services under one roof. There are multiple fields in which Rudra enterprise works excellently and helps students across the globe. Spread across specific areas, Rudra Enterprise is the brainchild of Mr Rajnikath.

Rajnikant has over 20 years of experience in the academic and education sector, where he has previously worked with globally recognized and known educational institutions and organizations. After working and gaining knowledge and know-how, Rajnikant launched his own company by the name Rudra Enterprise which is currently widely known for providing education. Rudra Enterprise opens doors to Distance Education, Online Education, Foreign Education, Skill Enhancement Courses and Upgrading, and Higher Education, including Under Graduation and Post-Graduation. 

Education plays an essential role in life. Rudra Enterprise makes sure that you are not left behind. The professionals working with Rudra Enterprise are experts and veterans in their field and hail from a background where they have garnered years of experience; this way, they help their students and clients get the best results. Since its inception, Rudra and the team have trained over 500 students, and the number keeps growing. 

As told, their services are not just limited to education, but they also provide skills that guarantee a job; being an authorized NSDC, they are focused on delivering job-oriented skills and skills demanded in the market. Apart from this, Rudra Enterprise also provides;

  • Guidance & Support for Financial & Funding to Small and  Medium Enterprises so that they grow and play their part in the national development. 
  • Next on the list is travel; Rudra Enterprise helps you plan your trips at affordable and discounted rates, from booking flights and trains to your stay. They cover everything. They say, “Picking the perfect vacation spot is very important. We have you covered no matter where you are in your trip-planning process.”
  • Rudra Enterprise also deals in Real Estate, where it helps you get the best property at the best rates. Be it bungalows, flats, or plots in your preferred area. They even cover maintenance work for you.
  • Digital Marketing and Website Development to ensure you don’t hire different people or firms for a single work. At Rudra Enterprise, a team of marketing experts and website developers looks after your needs and provides you with the best result-oriented solutions.

And a lot more, all under one roof.

Rajnikant and his team work hard to deliver excellence. The core team includes Mr J.L. Choudhari, the Chief Mentor and a retired government officer. Rajnikant says, “He is our guiding force at Rudra Enterprise.” 

Mr Sunil Kokande is the Chief Marketing Officer of Rudra Enterprise and is a person who holds a strong hand in education and back office operations. 

Mr Dipesh Chavan is the company’s Chief Finance Officer (CFO). He has significant experience in dealing with and using resources best. He is talented, resourceful and a dynamic finance person.

Mr Deepak Jha is the Chief Technical Officer. His talent lies in technical spheres like Software, Hardware and Networking. 

The customer support team of Rudra Enterprise is always ready to assist you 24/7 and provide you with what is best for you. 

At Rudra Enterprise, their core value is TEAM— Together Everyone Achieves More, and their motto is Consortium of People. Rajnikant says, “All my team members are well trained to guide students to choose a career path which will be best suited for them.”

When Rajnikant was asked how he started Rudra Enterprise, he said, “At a very early age, I discovered that our education system is more of memory than skills. But to change it, we need to reach a certain position, which can only be attained through education.” When Rajnikant started his journey, it wasn’t a cakewalk for him; he used his savings to start his enterprise and after that, getting a good team was also a task. In his early days, after completing his education, it mainly meant earning and learning. Still, his passion for teaching was always there, and he wanted to do something in this field, and he finally did— he started Rudra Enterprise.

“I did some petty jobs to support my education. It was mostly something people would consider small, but I did them to follow my passion, and with that, I entered the world of academics.”

Rajnikant has been awarded Indian Shiksha Award 2022 for Best Student Counseling.

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