From Making 10k a Month to Being Financially Independent: A story of Stocks, Dedication, Learning and Not Giving Up.

Hitesh Sakhare, a boy from Nashik, Maharashtra, India is a stock market trader who became a self-made entrepreneur at the age of 23

Now the founder of his very own trading academy ‘The Trading Prophet’ once was a salesman earning a sheer amount of 10k per month. Not doing enough for himself and his family and friends, just brought him worries, stress, a piercing feeling of nothingness, and not being good enough. Working on his 10-12 job, he always had a deep interest in Stock Market trading, Hitesh started watching trading videos that caught his interest in the profitable field. Just as he started, he realised how vast the world of trading is. 

After a lot of research about stocks, he realised that he has to learn more profoundly if he wants to be a successful trader. Trading is all about analysis, strategies, and perfect timing. The more you spend time on the charts the more accurately you will be able to trade, Hitesh knew this and did the same. But for Hitesh, this was not enough. He wanted to be much more than this, to expand his own potential, to explore the world of trading. After days and months of hard work, Hitesh now trades successfully in the Indian Market as well as the Forex Market.

A journey of hard work and dedication to a path not that easy, Hitesh paved the way for his own lifestyle. From being dependent on his family for everything to financially supporting them, Hitesh has come a long way in a very short time. Trading known as the simplest way of earning money is not everyone’s cup of tea. The amount of patience and analytics required is unbeatable which he persuaded with all the amount of practice and hard work. As it is said that ‘Practice makes a man Perfect’, Hitesh put himself to practice and made himself perfect. 

Today an expert trader who hasn’t stopped learning just yet. Hitesh Sakhare emerged as an unstoppable force of dedication and knowledge. Setting an example of a role model for his students. A mentor everyone looks upon, is now helping young aspirants pursue their dreams as trading professionals through online platforms. Known for his simplest ways of teaching how to trade, Hitesh also helps his students with various other fields and aspects of trading. He never lets his students blindly trade, rather he makes them understand with risks of trading. He helps his students with the Dos and Don’ts of trading. With daily doubt-solving sessions, Hitesh teaches his students exactly how to follow the sequence in order to be profitable in the market. Hitesh not only teaches his students to be perfect at what they do, his sole motive is to make everyone financially independent.

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