Future Sharks is reviving social entrepreneurship.

India has produced some of the world’s most brilliant and accomplished businessmen and women. The idea of starting one’s own business is gaining traction among today’s young Americans. Entrepreneurship not only empowers the younger generation but also teaches them about their duties to society. There aren’t many Indians working as social entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who labor for the good of the community are included in this group. They are in charge of bringing in money for a good cause. Their goal is to improve the lives of others for the greater good, despite the many obstacles they face. Vish Kumar VK is an Indian social entrepreneur under the age of thirty who is dedicated to making a difference in the world.

Vish, a 23-year-old gifted lad from Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India, is known as the “Singer/Web-Developer” of the online community. Because of his interest in coding and programming, he began his work as a digital marketer. He soon came to realize that he might contribute to the well-being of others and hence decided to go into business for himself.

He started a firm called Future Sharks, which focuses on entrepreneur and influencer news and digital media. He is now the company’s CEO and is looking forward to launching new initiatives.

He hopes that the state’s young people will have the opportunity to work in the digital media industry either full-time or part-time. First launched in March 2022, the blog “Future Sharks” featured success stories. It drew influence from well-known websites like Forbes.com and Entrepreneur.com, amongst others.

Vish hopes to provide a space where a variety of media may be shown via the new initiative. The topics he intends to address include everything from technology to science to the arts, health to business. Another advantage is that there will be no language difficulties. The primary goal of Future Sharks is to pique the interest of the audience.

In terms of accuracy and dependability, there will be no compromising. It will adhere to the highest standards of integrity and objectivity in its reporting. Certainly, the new initiative will be able to fill part of this void.

This new generation in India is doing the right thing when it comes to social responsibility, as seen by young entrepreneurs like these. They want and are prepared to work for the development of the country. Follow Future Sharks’ official social media accounts to show your support for his new project. You may Tweet them at @futuresharksin, or message them on Instagram @futuresharksin or Facebook @futuresharks, for your valuable support.

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