Do you know your healthy future depends on the genetic makeup of your body? Your body’s genes have all the information about what diseases you have, what diseases you may have in the future, which diet suits your body, which allergy you may develop in the future, etc. We name it as genetic profiling. The Human Genome Project of the 1990s, which mapped out human DNA, paved the way for the modern era of genetic profiling. Thereafter, there are thousands of studies that state genes influence on the body’s response to diet, as well as the other way around.

There is a great increase in diseases like cardiovascular disease, type-II diabetes, obesity, arthritis, etc., and these diseases are not only linked with lifestyle changes but are also linked with the genomic sequence of an individual. The result of genetic profiling helps to design the dietary meal plan of an individual with advancement and precision. The main cause of death, according to a report published in 2019, is linked with sedentary behavior and obesity. The economic burden due to increasing medical costs adds up to these stresses. Genetic profiling and its linkage with nutrition is actually the extension in the field of the health and nutrition industry, which aims to find, cure and prevent diseases through dietary changes in an individual lifestyle. As it’s not hidden from anyone today that genes and diet are tightly linked with each other as genetic variation affects body response to foods and hence affect the health of genes which encodes for various function inside the human body.

Why we call it the future of the nutrition industry because the genetic profiling reports it’s become very précised and personalized to design the meal plan, the nutritional requirement and hence the meal plan with more accuracy, precision, and advancement. Nutritional genomics aims to prevent diseases from individual genetic makeup and dietary intake. The world is in requirement of personalized nutrition, and this only can happen when there is the introduction of genetic profiling and meal planning on the basis of genetic profiling. Genomic testing can help to explain why situations exist for a patient, such as which style of eating might suit them best. For example, perhaps your body is unable to optimally use omega-3 fatty acids from plant sources, or you have trouble converting sunshine into vitamin D. With this data, a trained practitioner can instruct you on which foods to eat or supplements to take to meet your needs. The result of genetic profiling is nutrition on the basis of the genetic makeup of an individual. The genetic makeup affects the metabolism and response to nutrients and other bioactive components in food. The major action of genetic profiling on nutrition are mentioned below which are- 

  • Dietary changes to prevent non-communicable disease.
  • Understanding the genetic response to diet.
  • And the most important is to have information about the diet-related disease.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the practical applications of genetic profiling and nutrition are not vastly known, yet personalized nutrition on the basis of genetic profiling is not very complex. As this linkage and its determination are not very old yet, there is enough information today that can make genetic profiling the present and future of the nutrition industry. We live in the era of obesity due to a bad dietary lifestyle. Not just obesity is a major concern, but there are several other diseases that are due to the bad dietary pattern which leads to unhealthy life for an individual. Genetic profiling is the need and should be the future of the nutrition industry as your genes have the information about your body, and it can be used to improve the dietary pattern of an individual and make them disease free.

Genetic profiling is the main aim of Nutrillion. As the Chief of Nutrillion Health LLP, Dr Rishabh Verma’s focus is to go for the root cause of any issue. Genetic profiling should be part of diet planning for today’s time as it will help you to understand what your body is extreme or deficient with.

This includes everything from a predisposition to heart disease to why you’re not losing weight when you’ve tried everything. Nutrillion works on this genetic profiling from children to adults to know the basic necessity of the body to make the meal plan according to the need. Personalized nutrition is very important nowadays, and genetic profiling helps in making personalized nutrition by giving the need and information of the body. So, if you want to have personalized nutrition on the basis of genetic profiling, contact Nutrillion for your healthy life.

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