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Having a good degree is no longer enough to land that all-important graduate job offer in today’s day and age. When developing a successful career, relevant work experience is just as necessary as your degree and exam scores. As a result, internships have become a crucial tool for candidates looking to differentiate themselves. You’ll need the experience to get a practical understanding of your chosen field. In today’s labour market, employers rely heavily on CVs that demonstrate meaningful work history, whether from actual job experience, volunteer work, or interning at a company.

Internships have been around for a long time, but their definition has changed dramatically over time. They began with a labourer who would hire young people and teach them their craft or skill. Even back then, the goal of an internship or apprenticeship was to learn new skills to find future work. 

And that is why people at Internkhoj aim to provide students with applicable skills and real-world experience through internships and online training to master such talents and find work in the future. We provide both paid and unpaid internships in a variety of fields. 

They want to encourage young creative practitioners and students from all walks of life to participate in internships to improve their talents and discover new things. Because, unfortunately, in today’s employment market, passing examinations with good scores and earning a degree will not provide you with the necessary work experience to succeed in the workplace. 

Internkhoj’s founder, Mr Jeet Chandan, talks with Msquare in their latest episode about their mission to provide students with applicable skills and real-world experience through internships, mentorships, and online pieces of training so that they will expand their knowledge and discover if they are in the right career field by participating in an internship. He believes that a 6C rule for being a good entrepreneur is CREATIVITY, CONTROL, CHANGE, CHALLENGE, CONTRIBUTION, and CATALYST. Talking with Msquare, a leading celebrity entrepreneurial podcast that is coming very soon with Shruti Seth for their season 2, told us that taking risks is very important to establish something. 

You may be asking why you should pick Internkhoj among the numerous other organizations that offer internships and online training? So, to answer your question, they are fully committed to finding and recruiting the greatest players to your organization, as well as adopting best practices throughout the process. They appreciate your time and abilities, which is why they work hard to find internships and employment that match your qualifications and expectations.

 Everyone understands how competitive the job market is, especially in the current economic scenario. Hundreds of other people may be applying for the same job as you. As a result, you’ll need a strategy to help you get a competitive advantage and stand out. And we can help you gain that edge and abilities that will help you shine bright in front of employers and demonstrate that you are a good fit for that organization. It also indicates that you are driven and passionate about gaining experience outside of the university. Despite the pandemic, they have provided the opportunity to many people who wanted either a part-time or full-time job or internship to enhance their skills or shape their career and will continue to do so. They provide offline and online formats, making it easier to secure an internship with fewer clicks and hours of screen time. Soon, this format will be available for everyone. 

They still have many goals to fulfill in the long run. They are taking it one step at a time to show our valued businesses and candidates that they’re committed to their success. Still, their one primary goal is to become the world’s most extensive international internship program. 

To summarise, internships are critical in determining one’s career path. It not only allows students and graduates to obtain real-world experience in the workplace, but it also allows them to build the necessary abilities to excel in a crowded employment market. Now that you understand the value of an internship, it’s time to look for one with Internkhoj.

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