Head towards a natural skin and hair care regimen with Essancia

Essancia offers the most efficient and healthy remedies for typical skin and hair issues in the form of essential oils.

Plants can be used to produce essential oils. People of all ages use them extensively and find them very popular because of their therapeutic and medical benefits. Today, there are many uses for essential oils, including aromatherapy, massage, and skincare. Essential oils are widely used because they are all-natural, pure, and effective for a variety of uses.

What is Essancia?

Essancia, officially founded in 2010, is an essential oil company that offers only organic products. It brings essential oils, a highly regarded commodity that people have relied upon for ages, to provide mankind with the finest possible physical and mental wellness. Essancia is a family-run company that relies on nature to provide answers to all of life’s mysteries. Essancia is among the top sellers on several online marketplaces, including Flipkart and Amazon, and its products are among the best-selling ones. With its high-quality products, the company quickly earned a long list of loyal customers, and today it provides offline services to over 500 spas, cosmetic enterprises, and aroma therapists.

Face behind the brand – Aarti Kheni

The founder of Essencia, Aarti Kheni, has introduced the very beauty of nature in the form of essential oils. Aarti has always been fascinated by discovering the various features of natural components and the advantages they offer to humanity. She decided to pursue her diploma in aromatherapy after completing her degree in the arts. While working toward her diploma, she first started to notice the remarkable properties of essential oils, and she later decided to make their advantages available in every home. Aarti quickly realised that despite the market’s abundance of essential oil options, none of them is pure or organic and is simply filled with chemicals and scents due to a lack of sufficient authority oversight.

Strong pillars of the brand

The well-known essential oil brand Essancia works to provide the best yet budget-friendly options for health and wellness while conserving the beauty of nature. The company’s goal is to demonstrate to modern consumers that they can use traditional Ayurvedic medicines in place of ordinary products with chemical bases. The brand believes that the organic and pure ingredients found in naturally occurring products have the power to treat and prevent any skin and hair issues.

Products and Specialty of the brand

The exceptionally pure and comprehensive range of essential oils offered by Essancia contains nearly everything one could need for skin and hair care, including tea green, rosemary, peppermint, citronella, lemongrass, orange, turmeric, and many others. The business also provides a range of carrier oils, such as Jojoba, Argan, Apple seed, Avocado, coconut, Castor, Almond, Amla, and Apricot. Several kits are also available from Essancia for hair care, clearing up acne and pimples, etc. Nowadays, customised products are common, and Essancia satisfies its customers’ desires by providing them with distinctive combinations.

All products are put through a series of tests before being allowed on the market to ensure that they are undiluted, free of chemicals and synthetics, vegan, and organic. Essancia promotes transparency by making all its product test findings available to customers upon request. Essancia now has a substantial clientele that it can rely on to stick around. The business also helps people by giving 10% of its earnings to orphan education.

People have benefited from the healing and medicinal qualities of essential oils since ancient times. It’s time to switch to Essancia for all of your organic, chemical-free, vegan skin and hair care requirements and put your faith in nature’s inherent goodness.


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