Holistic Rediscovery commits to improving society’s career choosing culture and educating people

Holistic Rediscovery is a career counselling ed-tech organization that was founded with the goal of assisting students with the various career options available, as well as holistic health and positive psychology, and finding the best career options for them based on their feasibility for achieving their goals.Holistic Rediscovery commits to improving society’s career by choosing culture and educating people on the value of understanding oneself.

Holistic Rediscovery believes in more than just counselling students and informing them about their career alternatives. They not only make them aware of job alternatives, but they also assist them in finding the best career options for them and work with them to change their habits in order to achieve their goal. For example, a student in Class XI is initially assisted in determining which professional route is best for them, and then in developing pathways, study plans, and how to set milestones so that they may measure their progress.

Additionally, the students are provided with the Test series appropriate to the selected career option (https://testseries.holisticrediscovery.com/ ). The test series has been particularly prepared by IIT and IIM alumni to help you perform, analyse, and improve, and to set you apart from the crowd. Holistic Rediscovery Test Series provides you with an original learning experience that includes tailored Learning Outcomes for everyone and in-depth performance analysis, which allows you to analyse your strong and weak points, as well as your all-India rank, state rank, and other factors. You’ll also get a virtual instructor who is entirely committed to bringing out the best in you by using machine learning to prioritise your ideas, chapters, subjects, and questions.

There will be two necessary sessions throughout this counselling process. Before conducting the assessment, have a discussion with the parents and child. Secondly, interpreting the evaluation results and discussing the next steps. Take away from the counseling session:

1. 35 pages report with Analysis sheet

2. This counseling will give you complete access to the portal: www.holisticrediscovery.com > Career Library

3. Flash Cards to know all the 20 Career Clusters

4. One-year assistance. Available over WhatsApp/ Call for any issue or assistance.

Today, career guidance has become crucial, and Holistic Rediscovery acts as a launchpad for a student’s future by helping them choose the correct subjects and careers based on their interests, passions, and fervor, as well as the field’s scope. Mr. Goutam Mandal, the founder and career expert, has shifted from always being a guide helping in career profiling to becoming more of an academic life coach in light of the rapid change in employment sectors as novel jobs emerge faster.

Contact for one free session: www.holisticrediscovery.com

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