How Kinshuk Barua revolutionised the scene of Virtual gaming in India as he becomes a top creator on Youtube

Kinshuk Barua is an Xbox creator with more than 500k subscribers and isone of India’s most leading streamers in Xbox.

Xbox players are low in India and Kinshuk is promoting players to use Xbox in india 

Xbox live is a much duller platform than Youtube and Xbox only generates only around 12.7 million usd while Youtube generates above 19.7 billion in revenue.

Xbox players are slowly evolving in India and more and more people are buying Xbox consoles over Playstation. That’s because of the increasing fame of Xbox live and Xbox gold pass in India and Kinshuk playing a role in spreading it. Xbox series x and s has been sold out for the first time India and Xbox consoles have been giving Playstation competition for the first time in India. Kinshuk has played a huge role in spreading the features of Xbox live and gold pass as the viewers understand that the Xbox beats PS5 in its own unique ways. If you are a Xbox Live Gold Member , you get the most advanced multiplayer, bonus games, and exclusive member discounts in Microsoft Store. With Xbox Live Gold, you ca stay connected with friends, family, and Xbox Live members around the world.Some of the features that PS5 do not yet have and gives a competitive edge over the PSN network.

Kinshuk helped educate the gamers through his account and blog that Xbox is much user-friendly and cheaper than the PS5 . 

Xbox was only focused in the United States of America and was the most sold console in the US because of its famed Xbox game pass which, lets you play games at cheap prices. Since its release in November 2013, the Xbox One console, seen as the successor to the beloved Xbox 360, has sold over 48 million units worldwide. The console has sold particularly well in the United States, with the country accounting for over half of the global sales of the Microsoft machine. However, the Xbox One still has some way to go to catch up with its old rival, Sony’s PlayStation. Sales of the PlayStation 4 are slowly creeping towards the 1 billion mark in 20921, far surpassing those of the Xbox One. Moreover, after the flop of the WiiU, Nintendo is also staking its claim once more as a console giant – sales of its newest console, the Nintendo Switch, are rapidly on the rise. It seems that Microsoft has a fight on its hands in the struggle for console supremacy worldwide and its increasing fame in India means they can conquer over 500 million gamers that are in India.India has a huge gaming audience but has always preferred the PS console over the Xbox consoles.But things are about to change when people are educated that the Xbox is similar to the Playstations in many ways and plus in Xbox game pass’s new features, they can now own many games for free at a low price.Kinshuk has helped them educate that you can now even stream through Xbox’s new premium cloud service which brings you a lot of followers if you are a Xbox player. The Xbox community has over 100 million active users , so that means that over 100 million people can view your content if you are a active streamer.

Kinshuk has also received a gamertag from Mr. Major Nelson himself , who is a chief programmer at Microsoft and is responsible for creating Xbox Live.

Kinshuk is the most subscribed Xbox player as he is one of the few most Xbox users in India , but his education paved the way for a new generation of Xbox users entering in India as he educated the people that Xbox is more friendly and economical than the PS consoles in some way.

There has been a net increase of 13.7 k sales since Kinshuk started posting in his channel

Mr. Barua has certainly revolutionised the idea of virtual gaming in India as he focuses to the spread the knowledge of Xbox features in India though his streaming and channels

Instagram – @kinshukbarua

Xbox gamertag- Ebolasucker

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