How the Internet of Behavior (IOB) is Reshaping the Digital Marketing Landscape and Improving User Experience in 2021


Rangasai Sundar

Founder of Future Digital

 With the Advancement in Technology and the demand for devices, Inbuild with the Internet of Things (IoT), “A network of interconnected physical objects that collect and exchange information and data over the Internet”, has doubled over the past five years. It led a path for Adapting to Smart Devices with technologies like Fitbit, which track your fitness by Monitoring the Physical Activity right from No Footsteps an individual walks to Calories burnt and Heart Functioning 24/7, Devices like Home Automation, Alexa; Surveillance Camera is making great efforts to Keep our surroundings Safe and Secure with the assistance of IOT. All these IOT Technology-driven Solutions has changed the way of interaction with the world. Data is the New Oil in the Digital World; the Scientifically Collected data by these IoT devices provide valuable information about users behaviour, interests, and preferences.

Now with the Influence of the Internet of Things (IOT), Machine Learning(ML) and Business Intelligence(BI) led a path to the Development of the Internet of Behavior(IOB)

What is (Internet of Behavior) IOB?    

Internet of Behaviors or IoB. Coined by Gartner, IoB is the extension of IoT, but that Specialise in capturing, processing, and analysing the “digital dust” of people’s daily lives from a variety of sources,

IoB is an extension of IoT. IoB also works with equivalent parameters, adding user behaviour into the combination to know how certain patterns and impressions can determine user experience. IoB links technology with Human moves and monitors the reaction. IoB also can influence a person’s behaviour.

For example, Uber has been using IoT to trace drivers and passengers. At the top of every ride, they need a survey to rate the passengers’ experience. With IoB, they will collect past data and wish not to take that survey. They will track the driver’s behaviour, then interpret the passenger’s reaction and automatically work on that feedback.

IoT plays a key role in marketing and sales Decisions. Companies are making smart efforts every day with the data and knowledge to trace their customers’ behaviour and influence them to buy more products or accept more services. With the assistance of IoB, companies can depend upon live data and behaviours to enhance their products and services for consumers. IOB helps many Businesses in making Informed Decisions which helps in generating Good ROI

Let’s get a Detailed Insight on How IOT and IOB go hand in Glove and Provide a Holistic Insight. The Internet of Things forms the base of the pyramid. Here all the info collected from the devices gets stored. Then the stored data gradually converts the data into information. The Internet of Behavior, on the other side, attempts to show this information into knowledge. This valuable knowledge allows businesses executive to research and become wise to and Gets a Clear view of the consumer’s behaviour and therefore it helps in making better decisions.

The Major Difference between IOT and IOB is that the Internet of Things majorly focuses on “Smart Technology & Data Analytics”, the hardware which collects biological data and puts all the Data together. In contrast, the Internet of Behavior core expertise lies in “Behavioral Science” Monitor Specific Consumer trends and helps make decisions that suit well.

How IOB is Reshaping the Digital Marketing Space:

It’s clear that as marketing methods and skills have changed over the decades, businesses and marketers have had to adapt and master these techniques, in danger of being left behind.

IOT which collects data on trends in each user’s lifestyle will understand how and when certain products or services are used.

With IOB, vast marketing opportunities are often recognised since organisations and retailers are ready to identify and target certain individuals or groups that enjoy their products or services. For instance, social media like Facebook and Instagram advertisement features. Through IoB, both platforms can focus on users who supported their behaviour towards that advertisement through “click rates”. This is how IOB started Enhancing the ad campaigns based on Consumer Interests and neglecting the irrelevant stuff.IOB Plays a Key Role in the Remarketing Activity of Digital Ad Campaigns by using the tracking code; As a result, the brands will be ready to connect with their ideal audience more easily. The same applies to Youtube that recommends channels or videos that support the preferences by behavioural analytics to enhance the viewer’s experiences.

 Digital marketers, with the help of IOB, has the Power to access consumer behaviour on social media and knowledge about their daily lifestyle. Furthermore, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads, has become a crucial tool for businesses to be discovered online today. With IoB, the merchandise search ranking is often improved by understanding the user’s intent. Instead of recognising the Keyword

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