If You Can Dream It, You Can Do it!! – The Journey of Middle-class Introvert to Reputed IT Expert

Google is one of the world’s biggest tech giants, and imagine if you get a chance to work with Google. Yes, you heard it right!!

Like many other people, a guy who had a dream in his eyes to work with google, he aimed for it, worked hard for it, struggled for it, and made it.

Despite so many hurdles in this journey, this guy tackled every situation brilliantly, and with his focused vision, he achieved this success today.

The guy named Ritesh More, coming from Nashik’s lower middle-class family, has done it through his own struggle and hard work. His life journey was fascinating. After completing his education, Ritesh started working as a Network Engineer. Still, he also had an interest in Film making, so he simultaneously joined the course for Film Making, and he started writing scripts and editing videos along with the direction of short films. From there, he started his new journey as a Director, writer, and editor for short films. 

Meanwhile, he discovered another passion for Radio while working as Director and Writer. Therefore he also worked as a Radio Jockey for Online Radio Station. He hosted three shows on Radio as Radio Jockey. He did so many things in his life like people around him started teasing him that he is so unstable in life, he can’t stick to one field he keeps changing his work frequently, but these things never affected him because somewhere, he also realized this and he left the Radio Station and returned to his IT Field.

After working in the IT field, he discovered many new things in technology, so he kept his focus on the IT field, which led him to dream about working at Google, and then the journey started towards google. In between, Ritesh kept working as an Episode Director for the web series called Ek Soch on the Youtube channel. He directed five episodes of the web series, and one of them was a super successful episode called “Secret Affair.” 

Secret Affair was released After a long gap of almost one and a half years, but this episode gave another identity to the whole team of Ek Soch. The cherry on the top for this Episode was that it got listed on the very famous Movie rating website “IMDb” and it grabbed the ratings of 9.4/10, which was a super huge success for the whole team, 

Ritesh’s journey was never easy in any work he did. He faced a lot of challenges in every work he did. He went through many ups and downs throughout his journey, but his dream always pushed him to work harder than before, and he worked hard towards his aim. He started preparing for Google Certifications meanwhile working as an IT Engineer. He was very clear with his mind this time that he had to crack the Google Certifications to quality for entry at Google. He worked hard for Two and a half years; he failed in between sometimes but never gave up on his tries, he kept fighting for his aim, and one day, he finally succeeded, and he cleared his first way to Google as an Intern.

Ritesh got the opportunity to work at Google Norway as an Intern in Google Cloud Services. After three months of Internship in Norway, Ritesh grabbed the opportunity to work at Google’s Headquarters in California. He cleared the final examinations and interviews to make his way to California along with Holding the Certification of Google IT Support Specialist.

Many people dream about working with Google, but very few of them get a chance to work with Google, and Ritesh was one of them. He worked hard and struggled for his dream. He had to sacrifice many things in between the journey, which was not easy for anyone to do. Absolutely he is not the first to Work at google, but probably he is the first one as an example to inspire others. Despite the poor situation and the unbalanced financial conditions of their family, he managed to make it all the way to Google. 

Ritesh learned this thought throughout this journey “If You believe in Yourself, You Can Make The World Believe In You,” and he also states that if you want to stand out in today’s world, then don’t just be yourself, try to better yourself, with this positive attitude anyone can achieve their goals in life and Ritesh has proven this through his actions rather than just keep talking about it. 

Therefore People saying fits here that “Actions speak louder than words.”

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