India’s most affordable and high-quality healthcare service.

In today’s world, where people are more concerned about medical bills than illness, One Rupee Clinic offers free doctor consultations at over 80 clinics in Mumbai. Established in 2016, these clinics provide free blood pressure monitoring and blood sugar diagnosis for only Rs 10, allowing people to fight diabetes at a meager cost. The one-rupee clinic, run and managed by Magicdil Health for All Pvt Ltd, has been successful Because it offers top-notch preventive and curative healthcare services under one roof. Along with doctor consultations, these clinics offer blood testing at meager prices. A standard CBC test will cost Rs. 80 at any One Rupee Clinic, as compared to Rs. 250 at other diagnostic centers.

The one-rupee clinic offers high-quality preventive, affordable, and curative health services like:

  • Consultation with Qualified doctors. 
  • One-day admission facility.
  • Affordable Blood Diagnosis
  • A 24*7 Pharmacy is offering a 20% to 80% discount.
  • Diagnostic Centres provide CT-Scan, MRI, Sonography, X-Ray, etc., at discounted price
  • Medical Counselling
  • Awareness Camp and Speciality clinics for BP, diabetes, Heart & Cancer.
  1. Rahul Ghule, the founder and managing director of One Rupee Clinic, conceptualized this noble cause with the vision of providing quality healthcare for all. Dr. Rahul Ghule and his team are working to open many such clinics across India so that many people can benefit from them.

Speaking with Shrimati Sunita Pandey, a patient at the One Rupee Clinic in Chembur, she revealed that consistent monitoring and care from their doctor had lowered her blood sugar levels from 560 to 180.

  1. Amol Ghule, the Co-founder and director of One Rupee Clinic, adds that in the last five years, more than 5 lakh people have benefitted from these clinics.

Diabetes and blood pressure require ongoing monitoring. These clinics offer free blood pressure checks, and diabetes patients will see a more than 90% cost reduction on their annual blood diagnosis, which is good news for those battling the disease. To learn more about their services, you can call on 022-48930212 or visit

In New Delhi, recently presented One Rupee Clinic with The Most Ingenious Clinician of the Year Award 2022 in recognition of their excellent and valuable services.

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