Introducing HelloFans: the World’s First Decentralized Social Metaverse.

The metaverse is an immersive virtual reality world where players, represented by avatars, can communicate with each other, interact, trade, engage, and create experiences just like the physical world. The metaverse, powered by blockchain technology, has vast socio-economic potential and is already evolving as the next-gen hub for global activities.

Leveraging on blockchain capabilities, HelloFans is exploring the metaverse to create a decentralized social platform for influencers, brands and users. The platform connects supporters and influencers with their brands, giving everyone the chance to earn a decent living.

Problems Prevalent in the Social Media Landscape

Social media has revolutionized the business world. As a result, companies, brands, and individuals have leveraged its vast network to boost sales and engage with their customers more efficiently.

However, the over-centralization of mainstream social media has put a lot of restrictions and legal constraints that prevent creators, influencers, and brand marketers from optimizing their potential. Some governments, for example, have had reasons to place bans on different social media networks over claimed content rights violations.

The lack of financial transparency is derailing the use of social media networks. The creators don’t understand the flow of money and even how to monetize or earn from their content. 78% of creators don’t know where the money comes from on social media, while 87% don’t know how to achieve in the space.

How HelloFans is Shifting the Paradigm

As against the centralization of the social media landscape, Hellofans presents a democratization and decentralized metaverse social media. With the power of blockchain and NFTs, HF brings to the world a new era of social interaction where fans, creators, brands, and collectors can work on their own terms.

At HelloFans, intelligent contracts will power the freedom of transactions for creators and inspire users to enjoy every moment shared in the metaverse while earning simultaneously. HF is creating an ecosystem that will foster transparency and put the ultimate power of content monetization as well as ownership in the hands of creators.

Core Features of HelloFans

HelloFans is a decentralized, reliable, and transparent platform that has the following features;

●  Helloverse: this is an engage-to-earn service designed to encourage users and creators to bring more engagement. When users like and comment, they earn the game’s HF tokens.

 ● NFT Marketplaces: users and creators can list, trade, buy or sell their Non-Fungible Tokens.

● HF-NFT Collateralized Loans: what makes our NFTs different from others is the utility of our tokens. Unlike others, our NFTs can be used as collateral. This means that you can borrow funds against your NFTs, while the rarity of your NFTs will determine the amount of loan you can obtain.

● HF Subscription – HelloFans is not designed to boost the earning potentials of creators alone, but the platform is also significant for its educational and informative value. Creators can share gym tips, singing tactics, yoga benefits, etc., and users can subscribe to their favorite creators to constantly learn from them.

● HF Series – HF series is a futuristic plan of Hellofans. Here, movies and web series will be launched for users. They can either subscribe to their favorite series/movies or unlock them.

● Embryo Profile Offering (EPO) – creators can enroll for EPO after KYC verification. Here, they can sell a percentage of their earnings for EPO funding. Fans and investors can bid through HF tokens and earn whenever the creators earn. It’s a win-win for all.

Finally, HelloFans is revamping the social media space and hopes to onboard many influencers, brands, as well as celebrities and other users. The platform will be live very soon, and the journey to the first decentralized social metaverse will be kicking off.RELATED TOPICS:DECENTRALIZED SOCIAL METAVERSEHELLOFANSUP NEXTLOOK SMARTER AND YOUNGER WITH US TIME TO LOOK MORE CONTOURED …

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