Jammu-based author and poet Abhay Sarkaria meets media journals and shares his views on the release of his second book ‘Ghuhels.’

Abhay Sarkaria has been in the limelight, active since 2014. The debut novel of Abhay was set in a fictional world. While the second book, ‘Ghuhels,’ doesn’t say as much as the previous one, the many poems that make up the anthology are different and intriguing. That sounds plenty about the poet and his work of 2 years. Every poem comes with an emotion portrayed on paper with different rhyming schemes.

“I don’t decide the language of a poem; it is the poem that decides for me, and I become merely a tool in that place. And it becomes all the more difficult when it is English literature. You can’t just go in search of meter and beauty; it has to convey the message too instead of just passing off as plain poetry,” he shares. As with every one of his creations, he navigates these difficulties to present this poetry collection that contributes to the world the beautiful culture and traditions of his homeland — on everything from social contrasts to love (for the world around), liberty, violence, vindication, the motherland and much more. And the goal of these creations is much more significant.

“I have become more observant, patient, courageous, and serious with my Poetic lens. I do have a long way to go and wish to reach an even wider crowd, but from being a nobody to getting recognised by a complete stranger due to my books, all I can say is I am still a Poet in the making” says Abhay.

Love takes center stage in the new poetry collection, Ghuhels (published The 2 AM Thoughts Publications, Haryana), from Jammu-based author and poet Abhay Sarkaria. Abhay opens his heart and soul to readers in poetic verses and lines. Each poem shares his innermost thoughts and feelings, allowing others to relate with his personal experiences. This book is unique. It is full of feelings, the author and poet assert. If you read one poem, you will fall in love with his book. You just will want more and more.

To finding beauty and solace in the most ordinary and mundane of things. And capturing that beauty in words and immortalising it through his poems – our guy Abhay Sarkaria does it all.

He also maintains an active presence on his Instagram account @abhay_sarkaria Facebook page @abhay_sarkaria

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