Know who is Akash Dahariya and what are his achievements

Akash Dahariya who has been honored with the “Chhollywood Ratna”. He has the best contribution in the Chhollywood film industry. Akash has become an actor as well as a producer in a very short time. Aakash’s Bollywood movie “A Small Town Girl ” which has been released on 5 OTT platforms along with MX Player. His upcoming mega budget movie “Sonjhari ” which is going to be released soon.  He has done a very beautiful video album song which was very much liked in CG. Since 2015, akash has been running SKD film production house. From where more than 200 children have progressed after taking training in the field of acting, modelling, dance, and direction. And this process is still going on. Akash has done a lot of work in our Chhollywood industry by living in Chhattisgarh and outside Chhattisgarh you have made Chhollywood proud. Even while living in Chhattisgarh, he has cracked many film festivals at the national and international level and has illuminated the name of Chhattisgarh. Akash taking Chhollywood to a different level with your upcoming impressive films/projects. Akash Dahariya has been honoured at the 7th Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival 2017 (Short Film) and Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival 2019.

When Akash moved to Mumbai to start his filmy career, he also came out with many dreams and aspirations. Initially he worked as an assistant director, worked in commercials, then he was cast in the Bollywood film “Ishq Samandar ”. This film was made under the direction of Anwar Ali. It starred actors like Tanveer Zaidi, Tanishk Rajan, Dinesh Sudarshan Soi and Akash Dahariya, and KK Goswami in pivotal roles. Saroj Khan ji also contributed to this film. Then came Akash Dahriya’s film “A Small Town Girl ” which was released on 5 OTT platforms along with MX Player. In which Akash’s performance was well appreciated. His upcoming mega budget movie “Sonjhari ” which will soon be seen by you. Akash says we are all artists. We are working in different states but the job is acting. That’s why he is more likely to be called an artist of the Indian film industry and not just a Bollywood and Chhollywod artist. He has devoted a lot of time to the film industry and with his dedication he has won many awards to his name. Akash’s music albums have been released on Zee Music and have millions of views.


1.Mor Mann ke Kuriya


3.Mor Dil

4.Tore Kari Naina

5.Mann mohini

6.Sunn (upcoming odia song)


1.Chhollywood Ratna

2.SONJHARI – Upcoming feature movie

3.Saheed : Raipur film festival of 2015.

4.Electric Piya – Love story of bulb. (Available on Hotstar)

5.Documentary- Chalo giroudhpuri.

6. A small town girl – Mx Player with 5 OTT Platforms

7.Ishq samundar – Bollywood movie.


1.A2F2 Love short film festival.

2.4th Mumbai short film festival 2017.

3.Best of Indian short film festivals 2018.

4.3rd Jaipur film world 2018.

5.South academy and fill festival 2018.

6.7the Dada Saheb Phalke film festival 2017.


1.Blow-up International Arthouse Film fest Chicago 2017.

2 ALTFF Spring 2018.

3.Vintage international film festival 2018.

4.MedFF 2018.

5.Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival 2019.

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