Kurumathur Pokkuntu Town Juma Masjid Renovation. Amarshan foundation has graciously  handed over 10 lakhs rupees towards the renovation of Juma Masjid 

Thaliparamba: A committee headed by Amarshan Foundation handed over 10 lakhs rupees to  the office bearers for the reconstruction of Juma Masjid in Pokkuntu Town, Kurumatur. 

Mr.Amarshan is a  humanitarian, who is dedicated to the service of the needy and  helpless people. Mr.Amarshansupported many economically challenged kids in their education. He also donated  wheelchair,bed,and necessary accessories for the people in palliative care.

Mr.Amarshan is paving a new path in the service of humanity. Witnessing the vicious cycle of poverty, starvation and social trauma among the human being was not easy for Mr.Amarshan.His heart is broken with sight of human suffering.

Mr.Amarshan dedicated his life for the service of the people, those who have no voice and also helpless.Patients who lost their hope in life due to lack of medical treatment opportunities are feeling encouraged now and feeling hopeful with the timely interference of Mr.Amarshan.

Numerous humanitarian services were provided by Mr.Amarshan as examples follow: Mr.Amarshan took the lead in collecting around 18 crore rupees for an infant treatment  with SMA(Spinal  Muscular Atrophy). The Marriages of girls who were economically challenged were arranged by providing ornaments ,dresses and so on. Installed drinking water for the patients in Malabar Cancer Center .Manypatients who were in need for dialysis got support . Educational support provided to the children of those who wanted to continue their studies are many.

New path of service from Amarshan foundation & teams, political ,community and cultural film leaders for the needy ,helpless and poor  in our community is giving a new array of  light and  hope. 

Mr.Amarshan considers all humans alike  and there is no difference in caste, creed or religion. He  is a person bound on humanitarian values and concerns.  An innocent expatriate was released from jail after collecting and paying 35 lakhs of rupees , was able to return native land.Opening a new dialysis center for the service of needy patient is a dream and working towards to achieve the goal.

When poor people find their outer walls unknowingly bulging with stories of hunger and deprivation, Amarshan Foundation teams are opening a new path of service when they reach out to you with rays of relief. When political, community and cultural film leaders and religious scholars come to support us when they look at us as the gate of mercy to the poor and the helpless, the path we are going through is tough but gives us great hope. In deserving families who are interested in learning but are unable to continue their studies in any way, interventions are made to provide relief to those children. 

There are many people who lack families as well as home of their own . Building new home for the displaced people also in our goal.

Amarshan is the last hope for deserving patients and struggling families

Participants: Amarshan (Managing Trustee), Habida (Join Managing Trustee), Naushad  Puthitheru (Treasurer) NajAbdul Rahman Trust Vice Chairman Members Yusuf Kandoth,  Mahal Committee Treasurer Shibu Abdul Khader, Mahal Committee Secretary Tajuddin  Construction Committee Convener Abdullah, Committee members CK Muhammad Kunhi,  Shamshad, Rafique, Mahal Khatib Hasan Darimi Abdul Jabbar Koorari, AshraIrikkur

Blessings & prayers for all the people who are involved in the humanitarian service  , light in darkness, food for hungry , hope for hopeless .










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