La Pino’z Pizza, Sector- 44/D, Chandigarh is Open Now!

Pizza is not a ‘Trend’ it’s a way of life and when it’s pizza it is La pino’z. All pizza fans in Chandigarh Sector- 44 prepare yourself to taste some of the cheesiest and crispest slices of pizza loaded with marinara cheese and sauce. The grand opening was done by Mr. Davesh Moudgil who was the Ex-Mayor of Chandigarh and now the Councilor, M.C Chandigarh.

It all began in 2011 in a beautiful city named Chandigarh. Inspired by his love for pizzas young lad Sanam Kapoor inaugurated his very 1st pizzeria ever. Known for their delicious and rich traditional Italian Pizza, La Pino’z soon became one of the most famous foods shared in the community. From that very moment to 300+ restaurants over India today and gearing up to open 100+ outlets in the next three months, we have surely come a very long way. With the growing menu list and the restaurant’s network, La Pino’z advances to serve nearly all flavors to as many people as possible on the go who’re not amenable to settle taste for quality.  “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy pizza and that’s kind of the same thing” is a quote well said for all the pizza lovers around the world. La Pino’z has always strived for the happiness of its customers. with high standards in quality, the La Pino’z family loves to bring to you the most delicious pizza in Tricity.

This year, we expect to expand our business in India further and overseas. La Pinoz’s arrival in Canada, Australia, the US, and UAE are underway.  With our goal to always keep our customer’s happiness at our highest priority, we will never fail to give you the tastiest pizzas.

If you are just lazy to go out, there is an easy way to get your favorite pizza to your doorstep. The La Pino’z Pizza app. You can download it from the play store and get a wide range of menu selections. La Pino’z Pizza is known for its wonderful innovations and getting the pizza of your choice and many other offers is quite easy with the La Pino’z App. So, download it today and order your favorite choice of pizza with the toppings that just have come from the kitchen into your box.

The varieties you get at La Pino’z Pizza Chandigarh outlet:

• Spring fling

• Garden delight

• Lover’s bite

• Farm villa

• Paneer special

Burn to hell

• Ala Mexican 

• BBQ chicken

• Chicken tikka with jalapeno 

• Pork pepperoni and the list just never ends

Something new pops up every time you open the menu. The varieties are endless with baked pasta, tacos both veg and nonveg, and drinks that you just cannot resist. So, by now you might have got the answer for La Pino’z Pizza is aggressively trending across India! Why? No other pizza brands will give you this many varieties to choose from. Every time you visit there is something new to choose from.

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