Learn about the evolution of Sarees with Pure Elegance 

What does Pure Elegance do?

Pure Elegance, a retailer and e-commerce brand specialising in contemporary Indian traditional wear for women, is based in the United States. It’s a brand that every Indian-American woman anticipates about by heart. It allows her to weave her dreams, experience her special days, and look stunning at all times! It brings the best to delight every eye drawn to its beautiful collection and to fulfil every wearer’s expectation. Aside from the prints, patterns, textures, colours, and motifs, Pure Elegance’s collection speaks to its classic belongingness, allowing every buyer to connect with it. Its vision is to make every customer happy by establishing a trusting relationship and providing high-quality products.

How have sarees evolved over the decades?

The saree is an influential costume that affects all sections of society, from runways to local roads. As a result, it is subject to change with each new fashion trend, inspiring designers and fashion experts to imagine new looks. There are hundreds of different draping styles for a saree, each one unique to its own context, geography, and custom practices. The current draping style, which is primarily seen in the metropolitan area, is a mix of traditional and international styles flawlessly displayed on the ramps. The Nivi style is the most popular draping style for conventional Indian women, and it never goes out of style. Dhoti or Maharashtrian draping, Belted, Retro style, Neck drape, Gujarat drape, and many more are examples of traditional draping styles. The saree, which is a three-piece cloth set with one serving as a bottom garment, the second as a waistband, and the third as a wrapping cloth, is made of natural and synthetic fabrics such as cotton and silk.

What kind of sarees does Pure Elegance make?

With its unmatched selection, Pure Elegance offers one-of-a-kind, high-end fashion traditional clothing that aims to be your style statement. Its saree selection is also worth checking out! From light-weighted, shimmering, soft and smooth Chanderi silk to compactly weaved finest Banarasi silk with intriguing silver and gold zari having small details with motifs and jhallar, from lustrous classic timeless Kanjivaram to alluring Ikkat traditionally printed with elephants, parrots, and flowers, from rich textured natural deep-toned Tussar to delightful Patola depicting time and patience to transport you to Gujarat in a glance, Pure Elegance bring the finest collection in to adore pretty ladies with all kinds of choices.

Regardless of India’s geographical location, every lady has worn a saree for millennia. It represents a note of community, region, faith, and rituals among the locals. Every woman has a special relationship with the same 6-9 metre cloth piece. For some, it may be nostalgic, as she recalls her grandmother wearing it throughout her life; for others, it may be a way to express her cultural pride; for some, it may be a fashion statement; and for others, it may be worn on occasion to highlight her ethnic background. Every thread in a saree represents the journey from the artisans to the wearer. It sets every woman different, gives her confidence and pride, and gives her the pure elegance to flaunt any style amazingly, from runways to roadways, from exhibitions to wedding ceremonies.

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