Maharashtra’s Biggest Entrepreneur Award Show awarded by Mr Vijay Wankhede and Ms. Kirti Shinde!

Recognising and rewarding incredible Entrepreneurs and Innovators that are transforming business in the Country. Maharashtra’s Biggest Entrepreneur Award Programme is open to all businesses and organisations across all the sectors and of all sizes from the largest multi-nationals to the smallest micro-organisations. 

Limitless Entrepreneurs presents Maharashtra’s most prestigious awards in the Entrepreneur community on 7th October 2022 by Industry Expert, Business consultant, Motivator and speaker Mr. Vijay Wankhede and Kirti Shinde. The biggest Entrepreneurs award in Maharashtra by Limitless Entrepreneurs is set with an aim to recognize and felicitate Achievers, Innovators and Suppliers, who have contributed significantly towards the development of entrepreneurship in India.

Who doesn’t like a reward for their hard work and commitment shown throughout the year? Get your reward from the most talented, experienced and prestigious personality Mr Vijay Wankhede. It is a token of appreciation of to celebrate the talent that brings the best to the world.

Join us on the 7th of October 2022 for Maharashtra’s Biggest Entrepreneur Award Programme and get the opportunity to scale your network with different talented Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs, leaders, Investors and brands are coming together to discuss, deliberate and share exclusive knowledge, and actionable strategies on how to build, operate, and scale profitable businesses in 2022. This is A great opportunity for all the entrepreneurs in the country to network and share knowledge which will help you all drive successful business in 2022. 

Limitless Entrepreneurs- The first-of-its-kind initiative in Nashik will spotlight bold and inspiring entrepreneurs on their way to great success. The Limitless Entrepreneurs Awards program recognizes, celebrates, and honors innovative excellence across all business incorporated industries, as well as the most outstanding entrepreneurs.

The programme is an initiative to showcase and recognise the achievements of individual entrepreneurs whose efforts allow their businesses to grow exponentially since its inception.

This award is open to outstanding entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large organizations, from private to public, for-profit to non-profit, that extends to all available industries in the market.

Our Entrepreneurial Award Programme showcases the ground-breaking achievements and societal contributions, from remarkable entrepreneurs and organizations, nationwide.

Awards and Recognition-

The Entrepreneurial Winner Year will receive a complimentary Award and a professionally designed certificate to celebrate their win. The winning talent will also be highlighted on the Google with the top Google Ranking and will be published on our official social media platform.

In addition Entrepreneurial winners will receive Business Account, Business Webpage + Business Domain, Online Presence and so much more…

We are open for entries for Maharashtra’s biggest and prestigious Entrepreneur Award Show on 7 th October 2022 to give entrepreneurs the recognition they deserve. 

So If you are an entrepreneur or know any entrepreneur that you believe could be in with the chance of winning this year’s Great  Entrepreneur Award, you can nominate them here… Give yourself an opportunity to get the recognition and to accomplish your dreams..

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