Model Ashish Choudhary is an Inspiration to Millions Out There 

Ashish Choudhary is an inspiration to millions like him who dream, who dream of getting up and achieving things in life that are different and unconventional. Today he has achieved which was just a dream from him few years ago. 

Ashish is an Instagram Influencer and a model; he was passionate about being a model from his childhood and he set foot on this path with YouTube. During those days there was lack of guidance so he opened doors on his own from YouTube and Google and did his homework well. He got the way of how to be a model and he followed that path rigorously.

He took inspiration from David Gandy, Ashish says, “David Gandy virtually tops list of every model or influencer. I remember it was in 2001 when he won an TV contest and became an overnight sensation and thereafter it was in 2006 that he was the face of D&Gs Light Blue Fragrance.” Following his passion, as he grew so did his inclination towards modelling— turning his dream into an actual reality.

In 2022 Ashish Chaudhary participated in Mr. Fashion Icon and he won the show. Thereafter things forever changed for him and since then he has never looked back. But things were very different before something so big happened. Prior to winning, he saw his share of ups and downs. The first thing that he faced was his weight— he was overweight to 110Kg and it is a bitter known truth that modelling industry needs beauty standards and to match those standards he worked hard and despite all the odds he overcame all the difficulties to become an actor. He says, “When I started out, I was called out and people commented that I would not be able to do it but instead of all that I did hard work and started my journey.”

As a model Ashish wants to work with various brands and shoot Web Series. He aims to be a better actor-model everyday and with his learnings from his journey he says, “Throughout my journey I’ve learnt a lot. And all my failures have made me who I’m today.” He continuous to help and guide people who are on their journey to be a model and he constantly is learning in his own journey as well.

Since he has started out as a successful model he has worked with various renowned brands and personalities and yet remain humble to people and never fails to surprise with his work. He exceeds expectations of his clients and of people who undermined him. 

Soon his own song will also release with a big banner and he also wishes to start his own YouTube channel where he will guide and help people youngsters and guide them and share tips to lead a healthy lifestyle and a life, they could be proud of.

Ashish says, “I tell people to dream because only who dream can achieve. So dream and achieve.”

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