Narendra Pahuja & Pankaj Sachdeva Proud Owners of Decode Air Bar, Sector 29 Gurgaon

 The two partners, who dreamt of opening their very own air bar in the heart of the country, today stand tall and proud. Narendra Pahuja and Pankaj Sachdeva are the proud owners of the very famous brewery and air bar in Gurgaon – Decode Air Bar, which has completed one year. 

 This is a challenging work and toil of both the partners, who did not leave a single stone unturned in providing the most enhanced services to the customers. The result of all the partners’ efforts is right in front of us, as Decode Air Bar certainly comes under the top 10 air bars and breweries in the country. 

 Brief About Decode Air Bar:

 Decode Air Bar is one of the up-and-coming and highly demanded air bars and a brewhouse situated in Sector 29, Gurgaon, a place full of life. When we talk about the ever happening Decode Air Bar, a hot vibe seeps in. It is a multi-cuisine bar and restaurant with a spacious area for a rooftop fining and a war room. The whole concept of the air bar is quite different and unique, which helps it stand out amidst the cut-throat competition. Decode air bar is no regular bar or a pub, but rather it is a microbrewery, a very niche concept where it offers fresh beer, delicious food of different varieties. 

 The Concept Behind the Emergence of Decode Air Bar:

 There is no hidden fact about how people have been enjoying going to pubs, bars, and discs for a very long time. However, just like how trends keep changing in clothes, the trends change people’s preference to visit a particular place. Hence, giving the old concept a new twist, there came a new era of Air Bars.

 As the name suggests, air bars are a combination outdoor sitting offering all the facilities which anyone would otherwise get in a bar. Just think of those winter afternoons or spring nights. Don’t you look forward to spending a memorable time with your loved one sitting in cosy weather outside, and enjoying a chill glass of beer, with finger-licking snacks! Even while reading this, we are sure you can picture the whole scenario in your head. Just imagine living this moment would be so beautiful. 

 Gurgaon is the hub of all the best places in the town and is undoubtedly known as one of the best party hubs. However, since Gurgaon has less population and more space, it gets the upper hand amongst plenty of other places in the area. Hence, with more space, it made sense to open up an air bar, which could also cater to the ambience the crowd caters to.

 The biggest USP of the Décode Air Bar is that it fits in very well with all the occasions. Be it family gatherings or official parties, children’s birthday parties or anniversaries, Friday crazy nights, or Sunday soft brunches, the place is tailor-made for all the occasions. The décor of the home is also such that it perfectly fits every event so effortlessly. 

 One of the highlights of this place is the weekend when the air bar becomes one of the most trending and happening places in the town. With the best choice of songs and cocktails, and seeped-up glamour, and different events taking place every weekend, one cannot stop their feet from visiting Decode Air Bar now and then and still never get bored of the area. 

 This place is highly recommended for all the people who have a deep-rooted untouched feeling for a beer with good food. With the completion of a year in the industry, the place has outdone itself and has been doing wonders in terms of performance. Zomato, Dine Out, Swiggy, Nearby, reviews are pouring in for the site with utmost compliments due to the kind of high-quality service the place has been providing to its customers since its very inception. 

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