PRADYUM , the singer songwriter from kolkata is about to release his first english original “YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME” this year , he says “this is the first time i am going to put out an english song , all my originals before this were mostly in hindi and a very few in bengali , i am hoping this song would reach more people round the globe as english is spoken and understood in most of the parts of the world , writing this song was a bit more challenging as hindi comes more naturally to me though it was a bit time taking but i am satisfied with the end result , coming to the music production part the sound of this song will be more modern more electronic unlike my other originals which have mostly acoustic kind of sounds including Indian percussions , the song is about the ideal life partner we all desire in our lives , i hope many people with connect with it .

He further adds “ i am also planning to put out more songs like these which hopefully would have wider reach across countries , as an artist the only thing you desire is what you made with all your heart touches people’s heart as well and more and more people listen to your work , my previous song “bhole bhale se hum” which i had put out on instagram has done well in numbers , also “barsaat ka paani” was recieved well by people ! It’s satisfying to see that the reach of music is increasing !

Talking about his recent transformation he says “ i have lost 45 kgs in previous 15 months and it has been a journey full of ups and down i myself can’t belive how did i manage to loose so much of weight , it was indeed a lot of hard work , the most difficult part was the diet , and it still is i convince myself everyday to stay away from unhealthy foods , and i manage to convince myself pretty well haha , but the workout is on auto pilot mode though i don’t feel my day is complete without the workout , the person who has helped me the most is my previous gym trainer “anupam bhattacharya” the basics of exercise which he taught me is the most helpful thing which helped me being consistent during the workout , the diet part i managed myself by watching youtube videos and learning about calorie calculations , i am also doing a course on fitness and nutrition by myself now , being fit does inscrease your confidence and helps in every area of life , losing weight has also helped me with my stamina i can sing for longer during live shows and it has also enhanced my on-stage aura in some way , the only suggestion for people trying to lose weight is be consistent ,
I also plan to star in my own music video soon , if things go as per plan the music video will be out in 2023 “

For the further updates on his new song “ YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME” follow his instragam handle :

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