Pranshu Arora – A person whose commitment isn’t just a saying.

Creativity & Crazy for enabling people to pursue their passion by persistence, Patience & value.

At any point in life, a person develops a passion for a certain thing. This happens with everyone at some point in life but how many people do you think work to develop their passion? A few, right! People have different opinions, different views and likings for a certain concept. However, giving constant efforts to pursue your passion as a dream is all that matters.
Pranshu Arora has something to say to the youths of India. Pranshu Arora is the founder of ROCKERZZZ INC. And was a founder FIND UR TALENT AND partner at SUKOON THE CAFÉ.

He is a very talented personality who has always focused on self-development. He has collaborated with many freelancers and companies on different projects across brochure catalog, website design and development, strategy and consulting, digital marketing, workshops and many more since 2009.

He is also collaborating with freelancers and creative producers and personalities for creating theme songs, designs, audio jingles, video adverts and many more across India and North America.

Pranshu loves working on brand communication, digital creation, print design and photography. He has conducted many career counseling sessions for many students. He advises the young generation to realize their worth and potential before it is too late because the world constantly works without waiting for anyone, so knowing your power and constantly working for your dream or aim is the topic you should prioritize over anything else.
He believes that the positivity that lies within your soul is your biggest power and motivation to fulfill your dreams and work ahead to follow your passion.

He wants to convey this message to the youth of the country and says that the power to achieve success lies within yourself and you are the one who is responsible for taking decisions in your life. He firmly supports the idea of “make in India” and wants the youth of India to realize the rich heritage, culture, literature and great history of the country and expects them to be proud of the richness of the country.

He also says that music is the thread that maintains the unity of the country irrespective of the difference in religion, race, caste, color and gender identity. He started an educational tour named “Inspire the Nation” where Pranshu will travel across 20,000 km by road in 100 days covering around 60 cities. This travel is focused on inspiring the coming generation of talented and potential musicians and artists across the country. According to him, this is a great opportunity to reach out to potentially creative artists who are the future of the Indian music industry and he wants to capture the enthusiasm and ecstatic interest in music.

During the trip, I have these 5 messages to spread to across and have composed an original song for these messages.

  1. Made in India for the World – Manmarziyan
  2. Follow your passion – yeh kahani hai
  3. Education ; Replace Marks with experience – Udane do
  4. Maybe Love’s the only Answer – Achnak kya hua
  5. Don’t run for success run for excellence – Safar

He says that one of the greatest inspirations for him to go ahead without being distracted is music. He also adds that music is the element of the beauty of a soul and a healing sensation that keeps everyone calm and is kind of an escape from the real world. The inspiration that he gets from music gave him the power to turn this passion into something more worthwhile. He also runs a music workshop.RELATED TOPICS:PRANSHU ARORA

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