Qemiq Biotics: The fastest growing Indian Nutraceutical company that produces products with extra health benefits

“Qemiq Biotics is an innovative Nutraceutical company that produces functional foods and health supplements”

Qemiq Biotics has emerged as one of the fastest growing Indian Nutraceutical company that produces products with physiological benefits and provides protection against chronic disease. All the products are natural with gradual and steady effect, which means the results don’t show up overnight and the supplements by QB work in symbiosis with the body and its systems naturally cleanses your body of toxins and avoid malnutrition.

Qemiq Biotic came into existence due to the lack of education and awareness with regard to health supplements so that immediate steps can be taken towards educating the masses about the importance of nutrition. Keeping in view about the consciousness of the health of the people with respect to their look and feeling encouraged Qemiq Biotic to pick up speed with a mission to serve its customers with safe and effective products. At present it is mainly focused to establish its brand and expand its portfolio to a broader market with a wider reach to boost its sales with new offerings and a focus of expanding its market all across the globe to maintain its growth. It is well equipped with all the modern facilities of manufacturing and had literally won the hearts of millions customers all across the globe.

Needless to mention, the Nutraceutical Industry in India is one of the rapidly growing markets in the Asia- Pacific region due to the rising need about health and fitness awareness with change in lifestyle. Qemiq Biotic aims to work towards a healthier India and intends to offer quality products within and outside India for the benefits of mankind. They believe that all Indians have the right to quality healthcare with healthy life which was apparently driven by growing demand from an evolving consumer base. Qemiq Biotics adheres to the strictest standards of quality throughout its supply chain, from sourcing of raw materials until its packaging to manufacturing and distribution without compromising on the safety and efficacy of its products consistently.

Some of Qemiq Biotic’s Nutraceutical ranges include:




Qemiq Biotic constantly strive to provide their customers with the best quality nutraceutical products and confine to international standards at affordable cost. Qemiq Biotic with its strongest product portfolios in the Nutraceuticals industry is gearing up to manufacture its products locally and make its products available on a global scale that address the need in various therapeutic areas and differentiate itself from the others with its value added products and original molecules.

Qemiq Biotics is absolutely customer centric in their dealings that leaves no stone unturned in providing with one of a kind and best in class products to its customers. Prioritizing on the quality of the products, and before the commercialization of the products they strive to keep their promise and ensure that their facilities go beyond compliance when it comes to quality control from research and development based on a scientific and clinical basis to manufacturing and even up to delivery of their products at the customer’s location.

Qemiq Biotics feels proud to have been recognized by various respected organizations and professionals around the world that quoted the company for its commitment and dedication with an elevation of its standards in the Indian Nutraceutical industry. They stand apart from the crowd for their brand value and for the goodwill all and across the Globe they operate in. 

Claim to Fame:

– Accredited by ISO 9001: 2015 certificates

Quality Management System

– Certified as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) System

– Felicitated with INDIA 5000 BEST MSME AWARDS

– Honored with certification in Business Excellence 

– Certification of Compliance

If you are looking for the best Nutraceutical Company then you can join hands with Qemiq Biotics.

Operating hours – Monday – Friday: 11am – 9:30pm

Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

Email – qemiqbiotics@gmail.com 

Phone – +91 8070089089

Visit – http://qemiqbiotics.com/omn.php for more details.

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