RAS Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd is a kid’s casting agency and production house.

RAS Media & Entertainments mission is to reach a diverse audience, provide them with quality services, and make a better experience for their children, so they are ready for the world. RAS Kids Cast hosted the workshop to promote emotional growth and develop valuable skills. RAS Media & Entertainment is known for turning vision into reality. 

RAS Kid’s Casting currently has 4 LAKHS+ registered clients and has done more than 3 LAKHS+ shoots with premium brandsRAS Media & Entertainment has achieved a significant milestone in a short period. 

Recently, RAS Kids Casting organised many workshops with 100kids for every age group. The skills focused in the workshops included communication, interpersonal skills, creativity, camera-facing, confidence, and problem-solving tactics. To make it more enjoyable and interactive, they planned a fun session. At the workshop, they organised a friendly and fun event where the children played with toys, listened to music, and danced to keep the group of participants engaged and entertained. In the workshop organised by RAS Kids Casting, the children learn skills which can be enjoyed beyond these gates. After the playful round, the RAS kid’s cast organised a RAMP Walk show with three themes: ethnic, casual, and formal. The ramp walk was scheduled to make kids comfortable in their surroundings and make them camera-friendly so they could face the camera comfortably without any hesitation. The ramp walk started with each team enjoying themselves with the music and facing the camera confidently.

The workshop was a hit among the children. 

The other fun activity is “Play in the Park.” It was the perfect activity for children in many regards. It gets them outside and away from gadgets and kicks their imagination into high gear. 

Children aged 4 to 8 wore their creative hats and spent time on crafts and games. What’s remarkable here is that they introduce the basic concepts of confidence and being friendly at a young age and in a creative manner.

The workshop helped children who were new to the industry build trust and learned skills that will be useful in their future careers. RAS Media & Entertainment is ideal for building a solid foundation for your kids.



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