“RepairMan24” – A new startup in India with a cure for your roadside troubles

A road trip is always fun, just the sun, clear skies, close friends, and music. But getting your car unexpectedly stopped in the middle of the road can be sad and a mood killer. That is why Repairman24 has introduced an app that can help you get car servicing anywhere anytime. Let’s get into all that you can avail yourself through our app, on the go:

Collaborating with Garages Owners:

We have partnered with various garages in cities like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Surat, Vadodara, and Gandhinagar. If you’re a Garage owner who would like to extend their services to a bigger market then you can easily register with us. You can get yourself listed on the app and reach thousands of new users and be our partner.

Auto Maintenance 

You need to maintain your car, for it to run smoothly, and sometimes the crackling and whooshing sound can push you to get immediate maintenance. In this case, you can simply go to our app, choose the nearest garage and they will come to your location. They can help you with oil changes, or in replacing your car’s battery. If you’re stranded on a highway or a remote road with no experience in changing tires then you are just one tap away from calling in for some assistance and help. If your vehicle is in a need of extra attention, then we provide pick-up services too. 

24/7 Availability

No matter where you are in Gujarat. We connect you with the nearest garage so that you can drive around and explore Gujarat with ease and comfort. No matter what time or what day, we are always at your service, connecting you to the most reliable garage and auto servicing nearby.

Roadside Assistance 

Getting your car broken down on the road can be stressful but that’s what we are here for. We link you up with the best garage either nearby or send for help and assistance right away. So, you do not have to stress about getting help from strangers or worry about anything, especially if you’re traveling solo. 

Air Conditioning Repair 

Don’t let the elevated heat dampen up the long drive. Contact our nearest garage and make your air conditioning operational again. Nothing like cruising around town in summer with a hit of crisp ice cold temperature. Travel in comfort and luxury with Repairman24, we are available 24/7. 

Tires and Wheels Balancing 

Get your wheels and tires aligned and balanced for a smooth drive. We provide you with the best mechanics, who can help you fix your car’s suspension and wheel system. Every spin you take in your car is smoother and safer with the right servicing and assistance, which you can easily avail on our app. 

When it comes to your car you can rely on Repairman24. We are available 24/7, across Gujarat. We partner with the very best garages and mechanics so your car is in safe hands in just a few taps.
Website: repairman24.com

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