Here is a sit-down chat with Ritzzze. An intimate one on one conversation.

Q – How does it feel to finish 17 years in the music business? 

Ritzzze: Feels fabulous. I feel elated. Seventeen years went by in a blur, it feels. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was playing in school socials/prom with two Discmans and asking people for some music. Time flew by in a jiffy, and I’ve met some amazing people on this journey. 

Q – How would you compare 2005 to 2022? 

Ritzzze: Obviously, things have evolved. Technology has taken things to a whole new level. People are more aware, and then there is a lot more competition now. Back when I started, there were like maybe 10 – 20 of us. Now I think we have thousands in deejaying. Things are less professional right now, and people are constantly trying to cut costs, especially when it comes to DJs. On a positive note, the whole business of deejaying has become more social media-driven. You don’t really need to be in a prime city like Mumbai or Delhi to get work. You can live in a small town and build a brand using the internet.  

Q – What If there was Facebook and all back in 2005? How would things be? 

Ritzzze: Well, if there were Facebook and all these social media back then, then YES, things would have been easier. There would be more accessible, and I feel there would definitely be more money in the business. There would be more SUPERSTAR DJs, and the market would be more significant. 

Q – Any problems faced in the last 17 years being a Dj? 

Ritzzze: The regular music politics is always there. You can’t run away from it. Many artist agencies have a set number of artists who they would like to sell. Regardless of whether they’re good or bad, these very average artists get a lot more hype and promotion because of the kind of money riding on them, which is fair, I believe. The problem starts when you’re going not to let an independent artist come and perform because you “might” feel that he will get more popular, or maybe the exposure will help him. It’s understandable. But people need to realise that there is ENOUGH business in the market. In today’s time, there are two kinds of DJs – one is the popular people and the second is the really good ones. And in rare cases, you find both of these qualities in one artist. Those are the ones who play the long game, and they’re the ones who stay and survive. I would like to believe I’m in the rare category.

Q – What plans for 2022 and beyond? 

Ritzzze – I have a five-year plan in my case. I won’t reveal much, but a lot is happening on the music front. There will always be releases. I’m not someone who releases one song a year. I aim to release 50 songs a year. That’s how I function. I can’t see everyone doing the same thing. We all have our own style and way of doing business.  

Q – How did social media and the internet help you? 

Ritzzze: Not only me but, I guess, several people. My one song blew up in 2017, which made me instantly famous overnight. That happened because the internet became cheaper and easier to access. This is purely based on merit and nothing else. It helped me majorly in connecting and simply being popular amongst the people. I’m constantly looking to put some content out there. 

Q – Advice you would give to anyone starting off now? 

Ritzzze: FINISH YOUR EDUCATION. Having a degree is super important. Please don’t let the junkies say that only dropouts are millionaires. Those odds are ridiculous. Please finish your education, get a degree and then think about deejaying. Deejaying is a great hobby, and I suggest people do it like that for as long as they want. If you wish to survive 17 years like me, keep a healthy lifestyle and don’t drink and smoke. Go to the gym, get enough sleep and always constantly do something or the other. Keep your mind active as much as you can. This music business is vicious, and it can really damage you mentally if you’re not strong.

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