Rohan Sidhu & Yashaswini Shekhawat

Hello, we are Rohan Sidhu and Yashaswini Shekhawat, and we are entrepreneurs by profession. Rohan started his journey when he was 8 years old. He always had a different connection with the IT field and always wanted to make my future in this field. He started learning coding by watching YouTube tutorials and constantly worked on his coding skills which resulted in being a professional coder and starting his own IT firm. 

There were many ups and downs when he had to face where he didn’t had a laptop or any computer and he used to go to computer shops just to practice his coding skills. Everyone always kept faith in me and he didn’t want to let them down so he just pushed himself hard enough to complete their expectations. 

Talking about Yashaswini Shekhawat, she comes from a typical Rajput family which had restrictions on her like any other Rajput family. But she is a girl full of ambitions and dreams that she wanted to achieve. After struggling for many years, she finally decided to stand up on her feet.  She didn’t knew how to start her journey. 

After many struggles, we were finally able to launch our company named Web&Voice. The beginning journey of my company was not easy, as we had to grab clients, had to invest money in my firm, and had to take care of all the legal documentation cost. My mother was a great supporter all that time and she is still supporting our company and helps us in finding leads. 

After doing all the hard work and after facing all the struggles we were finally able to establish a great number of clients and were able to collect great feedback from our clients. Now Web&Voice has completed a year and we wish to complete many further years like this. 

Web&Voice started while I and Yashaswini were having a casual conversation about starting a company together but we were unable to find what kind of company we should start or which field should we choose. It was the time when there was a lockdown imposed all over the world and we suddenly came up with the idea of an IT solutions company. 

Once we had the idea, we started working on it day and night and started grabbing clients from Facebook, my mother’s acquaintances, and some of our known people.  We started the company with only two people that were us. Rohan looked after website designing and graphic designing and Yashika looked after content writing. 

During that part of the time, Yashika used to search Facebook just so we can have projects for ourselves, but it also not helped that much.  It was our struggling phase where we just gave our 100% which was still less for the upgradation of the company. 

After a year we are finally able to achieve the things that we always wanted. We have a great team of 10+ people and have 500+ happy clients from all over the world. We also have expanded our services as we added digital marketing and many other services to our list. 

Web&Voice has become one of the leading IT solutions companies all over Rajasthan and we aim to add our company’s name to the list of the world’s top companies of IT solutions by not just doing any other things but by our hard work and determination. 

If anyone wants to become an entrepreneur, we would just like to give some advice to them. 

  1. Invest in yourself. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, just remember always to look and dig more and more deeply into the field that you want to pursue. 
  2. Don’t stop. Even if you have full knowledge of your field, don’t stop learning. There are always different things that are left out or that are added. So just don’t stop learning, it will not harm you in any way, it will only help you in gaining more and more information about your field. 


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