SajidCh Gaming Wiki, Bio and MLBB Id

Today we will be talking about SajidCh Gaming YouTube Channel. One of the most popular games right now is Mobile Legends. And SajidCh Gaming’s YouTube content and their website articles are mostly about Mobile Legends. This YouTube Channel can be very helpful to the Mobile Legends players. Because they can learn a lot about MLBB from this channel. SajidCh Gaming makes videos on Mobile Legends tips, tricks, upcoming events, skins, new heroes, MLBB Skin Scripts, and more useful topics. SajidCh Gaming is a fast-growing YouTube Channel. The content of this channel is mainly about the popular Moba game Mobile Legends. This channel uploads videos daily on various topics about Mobile Legends.

We added SajidCh Gaming’s all links here, so you can easily find them on YouTube, Facebook and on their Website.

SajidCh Gaming Founder

The channel was founded by a Bangladeshi man. The Channel was created on October 29, 2019.

Net Subscribers as of April 18, 202225,793
Real NameSajid
Height5 feet 9 inches
Date of BirthN/A

SajidCh Gaming MLBB Info

MLBB ID & Server298238443 (9553)
Main HeroesAlucard, Franco, Zilong, Roger, Gord
GuildPro Slayers (Pss)

SajidCh Gaming Contents

The channel is mostly focused on tips, tricks, and how-to videos. They make videos on Mobile Legends tips, tricks, skin scripts, skin injectors, free skin tricks, free diamond tips, and tricks, etc. SajidCh Gaming’s main video topics are listed below.

  • How To Get Free Skin in Mobile Legends
  • How To Get HFR Mode in Mobile Legends
  • How To Remove Lag and Fix FPS Drop in Mobile Legends
  • How To Make Invisible Name in Mobile Legends
  • Mobile Legends Upcoming Events
  • Mobile Legends Free Skin Web Events
  • Mobile Legends New Browser Event
  • How to Get Free 999 Diamonds in Mobile Legends
  • How to Remove Injector in ML
  • How to Remove Skin Scripts in Mobile Legends Without Clearing Data
  • How to Make new Account in Mobile Legends
  • How to Make Smurf Account in Mobile Legends
  • How to Get Chou KOF Skin For Free
  • How to Get Gusion KOF Skin For Free
  • Chou KOF Skin Script
  • Mobile Legends Skin Script, Injector, etc.
  • Mobile Legends Google Drive Download Link

Besides these topics, they make various videosvideos about mobile legends. SajidCh Gaming also has a website and a Facebook Page. Their website and Facebook are also based on the same niche. They post useful articles daily on their website.


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